Virtuozzo Launches A Mature Linux Distribution VzLinux For The Public

Virtuozzo launches a mature Linux distribution VzLinux for the public

super-efficient virtualization and integration of the world’s leading enterprise software solutions Virtuozzo today for the general public launch of its latest VzLinux operating system (VzLinux 8) . 

VzLinux Enterprise Distribution has been used as a basic operating system for Virtuozzo’s OpenVZ virtualization solutions and other commercial products for more than 20 years, and has been used as a guest operating system. 

The Linux distribution is maintained by the open source community, and network hosting service providers and other end customers who deploy the technology can directly enjoy a stable and long-term support system.

VzLinux 8 is a free, multi-purpose distribution optimized for execution on containers, virtual machines, or bare metal servers. This operating system has been carefully designed to support I/O-intensive enterprise applications and workloads. 

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Virtuozzo currently provides a ready-to-use utility that can complete the conversion from CentOS 8 without downtime. It also provides related templates for very large-scale users, enabling customers to deploy VzLinux 8 as a guest operation in many management programs. system. 

The conversion utility supports the smooth conversion of CentOS 8 bare metal servers, virtual machines, and containers to effectively manage risks while minimizing negative business impact. For containers, Virtuozzo also provides advanced features, including conversion rehearsal, recovery snapshot creation, and a large number of conversions without supervision. The option to convert from CentOS 7 will be provided in a future update.

It is worth noting that VzLinux is a 1:1 binary compatible derivative of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® (especially RHEL 8).

Virtuozzo senior product manager Maik Broemme said: “As the CentOS project ends later this year, the enterprise Linux distribution market is shifting from a Linux server dominated by CentOS to elsewhere. The resulting market gap requires a reliable, long-term solution. This is why we chose to release VzLinux publicly. Our goal is to provide the industry with a viable, free, and smooth transitional alternative product.”

Virtuozzo has a long history of sponsoring and supporting well-known open source projects such as OpenVZ, KVM, Docker, OpenStack, and CRIU. The company’s confidence in its VzLinux distribution has led to the conversion of more than 200 CentOS servers within it, ensuring that Virtuozzo’s infrastructure will continue to be reliable in the future after CentOS ends in December 2021.

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