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Virtana Offers Cost-Effective, Plug-and-Play Alternative as NetApp Sunsets OCI Monitoring and Optimization Platform

By ET Bureau - September 16, 2020 3 Mins Read

Virtana Offers Cost-Effective_ Plug-and-Play Alternative as NetApp Sunsets OCI Monitoring and Optimization Platform

Financial incentives from Virtana on its VirtualWisdom product offer enterprises up to 30%+ capacity savings and 20%+ performance improvements

OnCommand Insight (OCI) users worried about ongoing support, updates, and upgrades for NetApp’s legacy tool now have an alternative platform to migrate to that is operational in 250+ of the largest enterprises as a future-proofing multi-cloud solution, proven to avoid disruption. OCI users can immediately transition to VirtualWisdom by Virtana with plug-and-play ease and financial incentives.

VirtualWisdom is a full-stack, AI-powered data center/private cloud monitoring and optimization platform. OCI users who have already transitioned to VirtualWisdom are now:

  1. Driving an average savings of $250k in application uptime over 3 years, through predictive analytics and IT management focused on mission-critical application tiers and topology.
  2. Saving labor costs of $120k annually by increasing productivity and improving response times for mean-time-to-investigate (MTTI) and mean-time-to-repair (MTTR).
  3. Solving problems before they reach users with automated run-book issue recognition and solutions that span the complete application infrastructure.
  4. Future proofing operations with an AIOps solution that automatically recognizes, alerts, and maps application infrastructure changes and capacity needs in real-time.
  5. Avoiding finger-pointing through fully integrated AI-based analytics and a collaborative workflow process to make it clear where problems are located and what to do about them.

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In Forrester’s recent global Economic Impact Study, IT Architect for a global healthcare customer commented: “We used to have frequent long conference calls that would include many people sitting on the call and throwing things at the wall to see if it fixed things. Ever since we installed VirtualWisdom, we’ve been able to reduce those calls down to almost nothing.”

Scott Leatherman, Chief Marketing Officer of Virtana, spoke to this new OCI incentive program, saying: “In our interactions with OCI users, it was clear they were hesitant to hold onto a service with an expiration date. Therefore, we wanted to provide a seamless and immediate solution, to help these customers continue to assure their critical application workloads through VirtualWisdom. This incentivized move will provide customers with deeper visibility, faster responses, and more comprehensive analytics than they’re currently experiencing.”

Virtana’s range of workload capacity optimization, cost management, and performance assurance solutions power global customers and partners to effectively and efficiently plan and execute their hybrid cloud strategy – allowing them to fully take control of their cloud journey.

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“We recognize on-premises data centers are not going away and our decade of experience in data center application topology mapping, problem resolution, and performance optimization is embedded into our VirtualWisdom solution,” John Gentry, Chief Technology Officer for Virtana. “We have a solution roadmap that includes new integrations, like for NetApp, Pure and Dell EMC, RestAPI’s to further extend the value of VirtualWisdom in the ecosystem and a pure SaaS option that offers infrastructure optimization simulation and validation, migration planning, and multi-cloud cost management. For existing customers of NetApp’s OCI our solution is broader and deeper with a clear path to enabling and optimizing a hybrid multi-cloud architecture.”


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