Vibes Makes Text Messaging Free for Essential Businesses to Communicate with Employees

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Vibes Makes Text Messaging Free for Essential Businesses to Communicate with Employees

Vibes, the leading mobile engagement platform for connecting people to the brands they love, announced the free availability of Vibes Notify, a text messaging broadcast solution, to any essential business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Vibes Notify lets companies internally distribute SMS alerts and call-to-actions to team members quickly, allowing companies to connect personally with each employee and share vital information in real-time. These SMS alerts can help communicate details such as store closings or re-openings by location and can be used for any time-sensitive, need-to-know company-wide communications.

“We are operating in uncharted waters, requiring everyone to work together and communicate quickly, and often,” said Alex Campbell, co-founder, and chief innovation officer at Vibes. “As mobile messaging experts, we feel it is both our responsibility and our duty to offer mission-critical solutions that help businesses navigate this crisis. So, we’re offering Vibes Notify – a free, simple, enterprise-ready messaging solution that layers on top of existing communication channels like email to capitalize on the immediacy, deliverability, and reliability of SMS.”

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Vibes Notify evolved from Vibes’ deep SMS capabilities, is simple to integrate and execute, and allows brands to send large volumes of highly personalized alerts across all mobile channels and devices. This text messaging solution can facilitate communications within HQ and across stores, enabling disparate workforces and/or employees to work and communicate remotely, thereby facilitating the urgent need for social distancing while continuing to deliver essential products and services.

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