Verizon’s 5G Network To First Launch in Chicago and Minneapolis


The 5G wireless services will be available from April 11 Chicago and Minneapolis

On Wednesday, Verizon announced the arrival of 5G networks claiming a speed which is 10 times faster than the current 4G network. Verizon will provide the access of 5G network to owners of 5G compatible phones

The 5G launching in Chicago, Minneapolis, and eventually other cities are different and based off standards developed by 3GPP. AT&T’s 5G network will go by the branding 5G+. The 5G network works on different platforms of the network, Snapdragon chips with 9NM or less with more advanced technologies will work with 5G.

“Continuing our track record of 5G ‘firsts,’ we are thrilled to bring the first 5G-upgradeable smartphone exclusively to Verizon customers,” Kyle Malady, Verizon’s chief technology officer, said in a statement.

Not all 5G networks are the same; it will get categorized in 5G and 5G+. The network is based on advanced technologies and will eliminate problems like call drop and slow net speed.

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