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USB Promoter Group Releases Version 3.1 Of The USB Power Delivery Specification

By ET Bureau - May 31, 2021 3 Mins Read

USB Promoter Group releases version 3.1 of the USB Power Delivery specification

USB Promoter Group today released version 3.1 of the USB Power Delivery (USB PD) specification. This is a major update to Type-C® cables and connectors provide up to 240W of power. Before this update, USB PD used a USB Type-C cable solution with a voltage of 20V and a current of 5A, and the power was limited to 100W. 

The USB Type-C specification was also updated in version 2.1 to define 240W cable requirements. After the USB PD protocol and power definition are updated, USB PD will be able to apply to a large number of applications that require more than 100W of power.

The new USB PD architecture defines a stricter power negotiation protocol, helping to ensure that this higher power capability is safely obtained and used. It should be noted that the safety requirements for products using the 100-240W power range are also stricter than those for low-power products. The countries that sell these products will define such safety requirements through applicable safety regulations stipulated by laws and regulations.

Brad Saunders, Chairman of the USB Promoter Group, said: “With the new features of USB Power Delivery 3.1, we can now switch from using traditional power connectors to using USB Type-C interfaces, such as larger laptops. Computers. We also hope that more product application developers outside the traditional USB ecosystem will now consider using USB PD power supplies to standardize USB Type-C.”

The main features of the USB PD 3.1 specification include:

  • On the basis of the previously defined fixed voltages of 5V, 9V, 15V and 20V, there are three new fixed voltages to choose from: 28V (above 100W), 36V (above 140W) and 48V (above 180W).
  • A new adjustable voltage mode that supports a range from 15V to one of the three maximum voltages (28V, 36V or 48V), depending on the available power, allows the powered device to use a specific voltage with a resolution of 100 mV.

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The “USB Developer Days 2021” to be held in the second half of this year will provide detailed technical training, covering the latest USB PD specifications and USB Type-C specifications.

This update is part of the USB performance blueprint, specifically for developers. Branding and marketing guidelines are currently being developed, which will include new cable marking solutions to provide users with information about the power capabilities supported by certified USB Type-C cables.

Matteo Lo-Presti, Executive Vice President of STMicroelectronics Analog Division and General Manager of the Analog MEMS and Sensors Division, said: “The USB Promoter Group has always responded to the market’s demand for higher-power, truly universal bus connectors. , Now once again quickly confirm and adjust its charging capacity specifications to predict customer needs, which may create a new market for USB Power Delivery.

As a full member of the USB Promoter Group, STMicroelectronics relies on the company’s own strong cooperation, technical expertise and products Reliability tradition will continue to provide high-quality and optimized semiconductor solutions.”

Deric Waters, a senior technician at Texas Instruments, said: “The USB Power Delivery specification version 3.1 now includes powers up to 48V and 240W, which will help provide more designs for existing and new users of USB Type-C technology. opportunity.”

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