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Unveiling the Updated Bizintel360 Advanced Analytics Platform to Improve Operational Performance and Increase Revenue

By ET Bureau - January 26, 2021 3 Mins Read

Unveiling the Updated Bizintel360 Advanced Analytics Platform to Improve Operational Performance and Increase Revenue (1)

Bizdata Inc., one of the leading firms in advanced analytics, aims to deliver analytics solutions through its AI-powered self-service analytics platform – Bizintel360.

Launched three years ago, Bizdata Inc.’s robust portfolio of advanced analytics solutions is designed to offer a wide array of pre-built analytics capabilities to empower users across organizations to improve their business processes – while helping other tech workers to keep themselves engaged on higher-value tasks.

“As we take stock of the progress that has been made in advanced analytics over the past few years, we see that many companies are still struggling to make rapid advances. More profoundly, they still needed to approach three different vendors; one for the ETL, data warehouse or data lake, and data visualization.

The Bizintel360 advanced analytics platform includes all three essentials of analytics in a single platform. Therefore, allowing every business to enjoy maximum results with minimum implementation time, training requirements, and support to generate higher ROI and low TCO,” said Adil Mujeeb, Chief Executive Officer of Bizdata Inc.

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“We’ve designed the platform to encourage the participation of a varied range of customers to gain maximum benefit,” said Ritesh Khapre, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Bizdata Inc. “Our customers mentioned that their complete success solely depends on the capacity to identify benefits according to the service provided, reputation, complementary skills, and delivery capability. Our major goal lies in helping all customers deliver the best of customer experience and become the major-league in leading the market.”

The AI-powered Bizintel360 key features and capabilities include:

· Augmented Data Lake: With the integration of ETL, data warehouse, and data visualization, Bizintel360 allows companies to easily identify the date, number, and float columns.
· Cognitive Decision Support: Advancements in cognitive technologies play a major role in decision support.
· Streaming Data Analytics with Quantum Compute: Streaming data in real-time helps quick detection, analysis, and diagnosis from scattered datasets.
· Personalized Business Assistant: Personalization is quintessential for businesses to further optimize their interaction with customers.
· Continuous Intelligence: Backed by the AI-powered self-service analytics platform, continuous intelligence helps analyze all types of data in real-time to improve the quality and accuracy of operational decisions.
· Hyperloop Autonomous Data Model: No prior requirement of data modeling since it takes place inflight with APIs.

Adopting Bizintel360 advanced analytics platform backed by AI helps companies focus more on leveraging big data analytics solutions to help clients understand their customer behavior better.

Integration of all three layers of technology in a single platform offered by Bizintel360 can break down barriers faced through traditional integration.


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