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Unqork Announces the Unqork 2021.5 Platform Update

By ET Bureau - May 22, 2021 7 Mins Read

Unqork Announces the Unqork 2021.5 Platform Update

Unqork, the leading enterprise no-code platform, today announced the release of Unqork 2021.5 to make it easier than ever for engineering teams to leverage the power of no-code for business-critical transformation efforts such as app modernization, legacy integrations, cloud migration, microservices adoption and more.

The release consolidates existing SDLC features like application dependencies, testing and configuration analysis, deployments and release management, logging, metrics and monitoring in a single tool in the Unqork platform while seamlessly integrating with all external SDLC tools application development teams use today.

The release also introduces industry-first features like API Auto-Documentation, Data Model Auto-Documentation and point-in-time application Rollback. Unqork 2021.5 gives enterprise engineering teams more control than ever to follow SDLC best practices on a no-code platform designed for the most complex, mission-critical applications.

“As a Fortune 50 CIO I managed more than 10,000 software engineers and know first hand the challenges they face in the enterprise. These teams are tasked with building the defining software products that drive their company’s success, while simultaneously maintaining and patching a massive amount of legacy code, modernizing antiquated applications, breaking down monolithic apps to rebuild in a microservices architecture, migrating applications to the cloud, and on and on.

They need a solution that helps them move faster, with higher quality and just generally makes their lives easier,” said Gary Hoberman, founder and CEO, Unqork. “We created Unqork to be that solution, to empower software engineers to do more, and the features in the latest release of the Unqork platform make it easier than ever to develop enterprise-grade software with no-code.”

Codeless Support for Business-Critical Engineering Tasks, Industry-First Functionality
Unqork 2021.5 consolidates the SDLC process into a single location making it easier than ever for engineering teams to leverage the power of enterprise no-code to build and maintain mission-critical software, as well as to support a number of the most pressing business transformation efforts impacting every industry.

“Since the earliest days, Unqork has been designed to give developers a better, codeless way to create enterprise software. That meant having SDLC features baked into the platform so development teams can maintain all the enterprise-grade best practices they need to build mission-critical apps,” said Nick Gamble, Vice President of Solutions, Unqork.

“The SDLC features we have consolidated in this latest Unqork release takes no-code SDLC to the next level by bringing life cycle tools in one place and enriching them with valuable insights, allowing developers to take advantage of the speed and flexibility of Unqork’s enterprise no-code, while adhering to best practices. That we built all these features with no-code speaks to the power of Unqork as a general-purpose development platform, rather than an industry-specific one.”

Unqork 2021.5 includes:

  • API Auto-Documentation – 

a no-code industry-first feature that instantly and automatically documents any API built on Unqork. Traditionally, API documentation tends to be done after the fact, and the moment a change in software is made the documentation is out-of-date. By auto-generating APIs in a consistent, uniform format, Unqork allows application development teams to quickly reuse and share APIs via Unqork’s drag-and-drop approach with the added assurance that documentation is always up-to-date.

The API Docs Dashboard provides an auto-generated view of all API modules, enabling users to easily plan and design their applications. As organizations continue to migrate to microservices architecture away from monolithic legacy applications, API Auto-Documentation provides instant documentation of each API a microservice exposes and allows relevant features of legacy applications to find new uses in modern builds.

  • Data Model Auto-Documentation –

an industry-first feature that gives users added governance through acute visibility into every data model that exists in their environment. Unqork was built with a completely integrated data store and is designed to allow users to implicitly define their data model as their application evolves.

Now, development teams have a clean change log over who is making alterations in data models while automatically and instantly documenting all models for preferred use in the future. The result is an ability to develop software with incredible speed while still maintaining tight data modeling control and governance.

  • Application Dependencies – 

As users begin building a solution, the Application Dependencies Dashboard helps them understand the connections that exist in their environment between microservices, external services, applications and modules.

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The Dashboard identifies and documents all dependencies so creators can plan for any potential downstream changes or anticipate potential issues. The result is similar to aspects of a service mesh, providing a view that shows how various microservices are related so that when a change is made in one place it’s very easy to see what might be impacted.

  • Testing and Config Analysis –

Unqork 2021.5 includes features to test and debug configurations, to help creators ensure their application has best-in-class quality:

    • Service Logs Dashboard helps engineers identify and address bugs and plan optimizations across different modules and collaborate with fellow creators by providing a rich search interface and visualizations (i.e. charts, graphs) of trends for their most important transactional logs.
    • The Signal Start Node allows Unqork’s no-code workflows to subscribe to system-published events, facilitating automated tasks such as unit and functional testing.
    • The Config Analysis Tool automatically checks for any configuration that doesn’t abide by best practices for security, stability and performance, to ensure that only the highest quality applications are being released.
    • Unqork 2021.5 exposes data back to customers to offer native pentesting.
  • Deployments, Release Management and Rollback – 

Once an application has been built, the Unqork Platform helps creators save time, reduce the risk of failure and offers a point-in-time rollback as a safety valve:

    • The Module Revisions Dashboard displays an auditable history of application changes, helping creators see what’s changed and who made those changes since the last time they released it.
    • The Release Management Tool helps users make informed decisions about which applications to release by organizing versions and releases in an easily searchable format. This helps identify opportunities for releasing multiple applications in unison, so they can improve release efficiency.
    • Rollback offers a single-click ability to restore a previous version of an application in instances of production issues, changing workstreams, etc.
  • Logging, Metrics and Monitoring –

Once an application is live, support teams can easily monitor the most important performance metrics in Unqork.

    • A Logs Dashboard proactively monitors for any abnormalities, and surfaces errors and slow-performing requests that may merit attention to creators.
    • A Metrics Dashboard tracks CPU, Memory, Network Traffic, and more, providing a centralized view to help monitor an environment and ensure everything is running smoothly.

FOXO Technologies Inc. uses AI-driven bioinformatics and microarray technologies to develop and commercialize epigenetic biomarkers of health and aging. FOXO provides insurers, health researchers and life science companies with laboratory services, microarray design and AI-driven bioinformatics software solutions for generating novel health-based insights into lifespan.

“The combination of common best practices in the software development life cycle and speed of developing reusable components and APIs to support the user interface that Unqork offers has put us on a track to release and iterate that no competitors could do at this cost,” said Tyler Danielson, Chief Technology Officer, FOXO Technologies.

“Unqork is a dream. Their platform has allowed us to bring our vision to life while efficiently sorting through the details that are inevitably learned during the development process,” said Taylor Fay, Director of Product, FOXO Technologies. “It’s rare to find a vendor partner that comes to the table with a technology so focused on the ultimate success of its customer.”

All SDLC features added in Unqork 2021.5 were built with no-code on the Unqork platform.

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