uCloudlink and China Mobile UK Fuel Multinational Business Development with Superior Mobile Connectivity Experience

uCloudlink and China Mobile

UCLOUDLINK GROUP INC. , the world’s first and leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace, and China Mobile International (UK) Limited (“China Mobile UK”), a subsidiary of China Mobile International Limited (CMI), continue their six-year strong partnership, providing high-quality network connection support for multinational companies.

Since 2014, China Mobile UK has provided support to global businesses headquartered in the UK using uCloudlink’s terminal Wi-Fi devices and associated data services. The partnership significantly broadens uCloudlink’s reach in the UK market as the company strives to redefine and elevate the mobile data connectivity experience. Powered by uCloudlink’s innovative Cloud SIM technology, China Mobile UK’s multinational enterprises users can tap into uCloudlink’s global ecosystem of mobile network operators (MNOs), mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and business partners to enjoy superior mobile connectivity at anywhere and at any time.

uCloudlink’s global ecosystem allows partners to operate more efficiently by providing mobile data services both at domestic and international markets. As of September 30 2020, uCloudlink has aggregated mobile data traffic allowances from more than 200 MNOs, MVNOs and business partners in more than 140 countries and regions as part of its global Cloud SIM ecosystem.

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Adopting a platform-centric approach, uCloudlink’s PaaS and SaaS platform consolidates uCloudlink’s core capabilities – Cloud SIM technology and architecture – while allowing other functions to its business partners, such as sales and marketing. In addition, as part of uCloudlink’s global ecosystem, uCloudlink partners can also procure customized Original Design Manufacture (ODM) hardware and data packages from proprietary sources to fully exploit their potential in their local markets.

Benefiting from uCloudlink’s Cloud SIM technology and architecture, business partners such as China Mobile UK can elevate multinational companies’ user experience with superior mobile data services that offer reliable connectivity and high speeds, at a competitive price.

uCloudlink’s Cloud SIM technology enables compatible terminals to use local data networks without changing physical SIM cards. Users can easily and dynamically switch SIM cards over the Cloud platform, which allows for better network quality and connection. Meanwhile, Cloud SIM architecture allows mobile terminal brands, MVNOs, MNOs, mobile Wi-Fi terminal rental companies and distribution channels to participate in uCloudlink’s ecosystem. Cloud SIM architecture mainly consists of two components: a distributed SIM card pool and a cloud SIM management platform (i.e. PaaS and SaaS platform), which supports business partners to improve their connectivity services.

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The cooperation between uCloudlink and China Mobile UK forms part of uCloudlink’s vision of “connecting and sharing without limitations”. Over the years, uCloudlink has established extensive partnerships with a variety of businesses in various industries. uCloudlink is also at the forefront of innovation, and has partnered with China Unicom Shenzhen recently to deliver superior user experiences and network quality in the 5G Cloud era.

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