Txture Launches New SaaS Product Giving Cloud Professionals The Market Insights They Need

Txture launches new SaaS product giving cloud professionals the market insights they need

Txture, the software provider to drive large-scale cloud transformations, has unveiled its new SaaS offering for cloud professionals providing insights into the multi-cloud market space.

For cloud professionals, such as cloud consultants, understanding the dynamics of the market is crucial to move fast and deliver high quality of service.

Deep cloud market insights, knowledge about the technical specifics and data residency as well as efficient offer preparation are key to stay agile and ahead of the competition.

What problem does the Cloud Insider solve?

For several years now, companies have increasingly been moving data and applications to the cloud – a trend that has experienced another significant boost since the coronavirus pandemic.

It is becoming more and more important to look at multi-cloud strategies to drive enterprise transformations. Cloud is the enabler of innovation and a building block to address current business challenges created by competition or the global crisis.

However, cloud services differ significantly when it comes to supporting different applications, workloads, and processes. As the cloud market continues to evolve, cloud providers regularly introduce new managed services and upgrades.

Getting an up-to-date overview of the ever-changing cloud market, comparing alternatives, and being able to quickly create offers, RFPs, and bills of materials becomes an increasingly challenging task.

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The key is to figure out which services are best suited for different enterprises and how to implement them in the most cost-effective, secure, and simple way.  Based on the knowledge of currently over 200,000 cloud service offerings across 7 major cloud providers,  Cloud Insider is the essential toolbox for everyone in the cloud space:

  • Exploration of the Multi-Cloud Service Market
  • Comparison of Multi-Cloud Services across Cloud Providers
  • Analysis of regulatory Compliance and Certifications of Services
  • Preparation of Bill of Materials for Cloud-Native Applications and RFPs

Matthias Farwick, Co-founder, and CEO of Txture says: “We have built a vast knowledge base of the global cloud services market over the last years. I am extremely excited that we can now bring this knowledge to our clients and partners, to help them perform better in the cloud-first world!”

Cloud Insider is provided as a free version called “Cloud Freelancer” that provides visibility over the entire multi-cloud ecosystem and a premium version called “Cloud Professional” that offers extended functionality for professional use, e.g. in large RFPs.

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