TruNorth Releases Technology Expense Management Platform Sparrow 2.0

TruNorth Releases Technology Expense Management Platform Sparrow 2.0

TruNorth, a technology expense management (TEM) firm, unveiled a much-anticipated launch of Sparrow 2.0, a new platform that brings a better, smarter experience for businesses managing their technology environment.

While TruNorth has made some changes to its inaugural platform, Sparrow, since its launch in 2018, today’s release is built on an advanced platform which enables more powerful functionalities.

Sparrow 2.0, like its predecessor, delivers reports and analytics that guide governance, procurement and vendor management delivering control to both IT and Finance realms.

Now, however, Sparrow 2.0 features many capabilities requested by TruNorth customers, including:

  • Ability to track customized attributes of your inventory based on your unique business needs, with purpose-built reporting to match
  • Automatic monthly retrieval of PDF invoices from vendor portals, accessible from inside Sparrow with a single click
  • All new invoice processing and bill payment functionality

“Sparrow 2.0 opens up new, exciting possibilities for both our team and clients,” said Emily Lindner, TruNorth’s founder and President. “Users will love this single pane of glass, visibility into every detail and dollar supporting their critical technology environments – putting control into the hands of IT, Operations and Finance teams.”

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TruNorth worked with telecom vendors, such as AT&T and Verizon, to securely integrate their databases with Sparrow 2.0.

“Clients will have the ability to customize their reports with specific information they need and ignore the noise,” Lindner said. “These reports are crucial to a healthy TEM strategy.”

Telecom and software invoices and contracts are notoriously unwieldy and difficult to understand. As a result, businesses end up being overcharged by an estimated 22% due to unused inventory and billing errors, according to TruNorth.

“We save companies time and money,” Lindner said. “Wasteful spending is an opportunity cost for companies. We take pride in knowing that for every dollar saved, our customers can invest it and increase their earning capacity manyfold.”

TruNorth provides technology expense management. Its goals are to help companies transform their operational processes and digital experiences, and utilize data to make clear and controlled budget decisions. TruNorth bridges the operations of companies and their telecom vendors by offering sophisticated data integration and automation, as well as superior consultation services.

Founded in 2005, TruNorth is a Certified Women-Owned Business.

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