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Trifacta establishes a new office in the Asia-Pacific region to support the growing demand for cloud data engineering

By ET Bureau - October 11, 2021 7 mins read

Data Engineering cloud company, today announced the continued expansion Trifacta to Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ), the establishment of new regional offices in Singapore and Bangalore. These new institutions are established on the basis of Trifacta’s expansion into APJ regions, and will provide services to customers in these regions while also adding top talents. Trifacta’s office in the APJ region is a cross-functional center, with team members focusing on product management, engineering, business development, customer success and professional services.

The data industry in the APJ region grew by 27.8%, and customers showed explosive growth

According to Gartner® Research’s “Market Share: Global Data and Analysis Software in 2020” report, “In 2020, the data and analysis (D&A) software market has grown by 13% to US$99 billion, and the total software market has increased by US$11 billion. “In the emerging Asia-Pacific market, the growth rate of total global data and analysis software revenue in 2020 will reach 27.8%. [1]

The market’s demand for cloud data engineering has surged, and Trifacta actively responded by providing innovative solutions that can accurately and quickly prepare, analyze, and process data. Since establishing a fixed office in the APJ area, Trifacta has attracted some important customers, such as Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC), Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Stats NZ, Canopy and DataTribe.

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Dataprep by Trifacta is a service that Trifacta has long-term cooperation with Google Cloud as an OEM partner and is very popular in APJ area. One of its customers is My Muscle Chef, which specializes in fresh, clean and convenient high-protein meal delivery services in Australia.

Ashleigh Gardiner, Head of Data and Measurement at My Muscle Chef, said: “As My Muscle Chef continues to evolve, we want to streamline our transaction data. This means improving cost efficiency and eliminating waste. Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta is right for us. The choice. Dataprep accelerates the data collation and pipeline creation process, provides real-time visualization results and analysis, helps provide higher-quality data, shortens the time required to obtain insights, and eliminates the requirement for high-level coding skills.”

Trifacta adds new leadership to drive expansion in Singapore and India

To promote the company’s continued expansion and support the influx of customers, Trifacta appointed Quoc Tran as the first vice president of the APJ region. Tran has worked for data and software as a service (SaaS) companies for more than 20 years, including leading the expansion of Vontu in the APJ region. Vontu is a leader in data loss prevention and was later acquired by Symantec. Tran has a deep understanding of data processing and data engineering. Before becoming an executive, he led Trifacta’s global sales engineering department for more than 7 years. Tran holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dinesh Rathi, vice president of engineering, leads Trifacta’s office in India and began his senior management role this year. He has 20 years of work experience in product-based fast-growing start-ups and large enterprises, as well as deep expertise in data platforms. Rathi has expertise in establishing and leading R&D institutions for data companies such as Informatica and Qubole in India. Rathi holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering technology from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

Adam Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of Trifacta said: “Under the leadership of Quoc and Dinesh, Trifacta’s APJ office will help more customers take their cloud data engineering plans to a new level. I have the talent level in the region and India I am impressed with the entrepreneurial spirit of the APJ team. This team has greatly affected the success of Trifacta in a short period of time. Continued investment in the region will be the key to our continuous innovation. We are very happy to introduce new to all departments and office locations. Team members.”

Increased investment and key partnerships will boost regional growth

As part of its expansion into the APJ region, Trifacta also received investment assistance from Telstra Ventures, NTT Docomo Ventures and Infosys .

Gurpreet Ghuliani, Operating Partner of Telstra Ventures, said: “Telstra Ventures is pleased to provide investment for Trifacta’s development in the Asia-Pacific region. In order to remain competitive in today’s pace of industry development, companies must be able to make data-driven decisions, and Data can be prepared, analyzed, and processed accurately and quickly. Trifacta is clearly a leader in cloud data engineering and we are excited to be part of the key growth in this region and beyond.”

Infosys is an early investor in Trifacta. Deepak Padaki, the company’s executive vice president of strategy, said: “It’s great to see Trifacta expand to India and establish an Indian R&D center. This shows that the company has successfully achieved growth and achieved leadership. We use Trifacta’s differentiated data engineering solutions to help. Customers worldwide are exploring their data in an efficient and scalable way.”

In addition, Trifacta has established partnerships with Japan’s leading system integrators NEC and NRI, and established distribution with Hankook Trifacta Pte. Ltd. in South Korea and other major Google Cloud resellers in the region, such as Devoteam and Business partnership.

Product enhancements and expansion of support options in the APJ region ensure global business coverage

In order to support a wider range of global applications, Trifacta provides product internationalization and localization. The product interface can be translated into multiple languages ​​and supports various currencies and date formats. For example, Trifacta has created a universal localized Korean product that includes core internationalization features for other languages. Trifacta plans to implement more localization with further expansion.

Young-min Kim, CEO of Hankook Trifacta, said: “Cooperating to expand the application range of Trifacta data engineering cloud is consistent with our efforts to become a leading data management provider in Korea. For our customers, we will provide advanced services for the Asia-Pacific region. Our data processing technology and support capabilities can bring about major changes. The Korean interface allows more customers to take advantage of Trifacta’s unique features.”

Coupled with Trifacta’s operations in Europe and North America, the company can now provide strong 24/7 mission-critical support to more than 10,000 customers worldwide. This is crucial, because cloud data engineering has exploded, and Trifacta continues to attract large multinational companies such as IQVIA, Lilly, and AON that carry out a lot of work in the region.

Trifacta provides an intelligent, collaborative and self-service data engineering cloud platform for transforming data, ensuring quality, and automating data processing pipelines to realize consumable data of any scale. To start the 30-day free trial, please visit

Trifacta is recruiting talents at all levels for teams and departments in Singapore, India and all regions. Please visit to check.

Other supporting quotes

Data Tribe is a marketing analysis company headquartered in New Zealand and a user of the Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta solution. The company’s founder Nick Guebhard said: “Dataprep by Trifacta is the core of our marketing analysis business built on Google Cloud. This solution is very easy to use. We can quickly build accurate data panels that integrate data from multiple Marketing platform data and our customers’ internal data. Since all the data can be integrated into one table, we can build data panels in free platforms such as Google Data Studio. This way we can use an API that cannot be Data is presented in an implementation manner. During the construction process, Dataprep by Trifacta automatically highlights any data inconsistencies or setting problems by displaying the results of data samples at each step of the process. This allows us to quickly identify and correct the configuration.”

Amit Gupta, Chief Technology Officer of Canopy, a Singapore-based cloud financial technology company, said: “Trifacta has realized the automation of our customer data pipeline online, greatly improved this process, and promoted our business to grow exponentially.”

[1] Gartner, “Market Share: Data and Analytics Software, Worldwide, 2020”, by Alys Woodward, Eric Hunter, Sharat Menon, Kevin Quinn, Jim Hare, Alan Dayley, May 24, 2021. GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and internationally. This article has been used with permission

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