Announces Record Adoption of Tray Embedded for SaaS Companies with Nearly 60,000 End-customers Announces Record Adoption of Tray Embedded for SaaS Companies with, the leader in low-code embedded integration, today announced record growth in adoption of Tray Embedded by some of the world’s fastest-growing and best known SaaS companies, a 10X growth in end-customers and scale, and new editions and innovations designed to further enable companies to accelerate customer integration delivery.  Hundreds of the fastest-growing and most successful technology and services companies, including SugarCRM, Hootsuite, Pendo, App Annie, Hopin, Typeform, HackerOne, Eventbrite, and Dun & Bradstreet, have now deployed Tray Embedded-powered integrations to nearly 60,000 of their end-customers, achieving fast, easy, and efficient customer integrations at scale. Powered by the Tray Platform’s modern elastic and serverless architecture, the volume of integrations and amount of data processed by Tray Embedded grew by 1,025% while continuing to deliver a 12-month market-leading uptime of 99.99%.

“We’ve seen tremendous adoption of Tray Embedded and our customers are experiencing notable success after implementing the platform into their operations. Since last July, Tray Embedded has gained nearly 60,000 new end-customers,” said Rich Waldron, co-founder and CEO, “Our team is continually innovating on customer integrations to empower ISVs and services teams to deliver integrations to their customers quicker and more economically. We’re committed to empowering our customers to build out robust integration marketplaces and deliver reliable customer integrations quickly and efficiently.”

With Tray Embedded, SaaS companies are achieving game-changing results to meet market demands, building, productizing, and delivering integration marketplaces or ad-hoc integrations for their customers at 10X velocity with over 60% less effort, while delivering a no-compromise seamless end-user experience.

B2B Software Buyers Choose Vendors that Provide Fast, Easy, and Painless Packaged Integrations

Delivering on growing customer expectations for packaged integrations is a critical success strategy for SaaS companies. Software buyers expect the software they purchase to connect with their growing and changing technology stack quickly and painlessly. According to Gartner’s Accelerate Your Integration Delivery by Using Packaged Integration Processes report, “By 2023, use of Packaged Integration Processes will grow from less than 30% in 2020 to above 65% of new integration projects.”

Manual integrations are not sustainable to meet customer demand. They quickly drag down product teams and services delivery organizations with proliferating market and customer integration demands, spiraling endpoint maintenance, and countless customization requests.

SaaS companies that provide seamless integration to their customers acquire new business with less friction, increase CSAT, reduce churn, can monetize integrations faster, and grow their ecosystems through packaged integrations. In fact, companies who implement an ecosystem model are estimated to grow 50% quicker than those that don’t, according to the IDC Market Perspective: Ecosystem Business Management Concept and Capabilities, 2020. With Tray Embedded, software companies can massively cut time, development, and operational costs to deliver on customer and market demand for integrations.

Tray Embedded is built on the Tray Platform and provides a single solution designed for companies to deliver integrations for their customers quickly, efficiently, and scalably—in-product or ad hoc. It includes Tray Embedded Native that enables product teams to rapidly deliver reusable in-product integrations and launch integration marketplaces, powered by more than 600 connectors, robust APIs, and a fully brandable Configuration Wizard that enables easy customer integration activation.

Tray Embedded also provides an Integration Manager that enables rapid low-code integration development for services teams to meet ad hoc customer requirements. Since the platform is built on a modern elastic, serverless architecture, software companies and services organizations can deliver integrations at scale with maximum operational efficiency and confidence with a solution that is SOC 2 Type 2-certified and compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.

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Leaders Drive CSAT, Revenue Growth, Velocity, and Developer Productivity by Delivering Customer Integrations with Tray Embedded

Tray Embedded customers are realizing a broad range of benefits, from growing their customer satisfaction with integrations, accelerating their integration roadmaps, and freeing development resources to focus on their core platforms to monetizing integrations for additional revenue sources. Tray Embedded customers are:

  • Maximizing end-customer satisfaction. Eventbrite doubled customer review scores from 1.9 out 5 to 4 out 5 and cut support tickets related to key integrations by 99%.
  • Accelerating integration velocity. HackerOne and Typeform accelerated integration delivery by 4X.
  • Increasing revenue. SnowCommerce boosted revenue by 6% by delivering tighter integrations with their clients’ tech stacks.
  • Reallocating engineering time to focus on innovation. Leaflink freed 60% of its developers from focusing on integration development to focusing on enhancing its core platform.
  • Reducing time spent on manual tasks. SnowCommerce is saving 24 weeks per year in manual end-client reporting and analytics work.
  • Achieving hard cost savings. Typeform achieved an ROI of 248% and 2.4-month payback, saving more than $1M over a three-year period.

New Embedded Innovations and Editions Further Enable SaaS Companies and Services Organization to Advance and Scale Customer Integrations

With substantial investment in the Tray Embedded product line over the last 12 months, introduced more than 90 new connectors and thousands of newly supported endpoints, now providing a vast, always up-to-date 600+ strong connector library that reaches across every software category, and a new Embedded Connector SDK that enables software and services organizations to confidently meet any customer or market integration need with packaged connectors. advanced the unique Tray Embedded Configuration Wizard, an embedded brandable packaged component that enables product teams to quickly deliver a guided, parameterized in-product integration activation experience, introducing the Advanced Configuration Wizard, which provides even further control and customization over the activation experience.

With success and experience enabling hundreds of software companies and services organizations to deliver customer integrations, rolled out four new Embedded editions, Standard, Standard Plus, Professional, and Enterprise, with functionality precisely mapped to a best-practice customer integration delivery journey, while providing maximum predictability and value.

Supporting Quotes

Jonathan Staton, Data Analyst, SnowCommerce

“While it’s been exciting to see our company grow rapidly as the e-commerce partner for world-class brands such as NBC Universal, CBS, and Dell, working with such huge brands means we have to manage increasingly large sets of data, which is impossible to manage manually. Tray enables us to drive 6% higher client revenue by unifying e-commerce operations and save 24 weeks per year of manual client reporting and analytics work.”

Will Clifford, Director of Product, Integrations, Leaflink

“With Tray Embedded Integration Manager, we’re able to build integrations without the need to compete for engineering roadmap time. We’ve been able to deploy customer integrations four times as fast, conserving engineering headcount by 50%.”

Kabir Mathur, Director of Product Partnerships, Typeform

“With Tray Embedded Native, not only are we launching integrations faster, but we’re able to build them more efficiently, which means we can retask roughly 60% of our integration squad to work on other projects and build even more integrations.”

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