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Tonkean Offers BizTech Teams an Alternative to Apps with a New Standard for Enterprise No-Code Software

By ET Bureau - March 17, 2021 4 Mins Read

Tonkean Offers

Tonkean, the Operating System for Business Operations, today announced the release of the next generation of its no-code process orchestration platform. Today’s update creates a new enterprise model for rapid, cross-functional solution delivery while creating a structure for enterprise-wide governance.

“In the post-COVID world, the demand for technology solutions that drive business efficiency and create competitive advantages will be higher than ever before,” said Sagi Eliyahu, CEO and Co-founder of Tonkean. “This pressure puts a strain on business technology teams to scale faster, while still needing to maintain compliance across the organization. No-code platforms promise to democratize, and thus accelerate technology delivery, but to date, they have come with the tradeoff of governance. That all changes today. With this release, Tonkean is allowing organizations to create a truly composable enterprise.”

The new release of Tonkean transforms business technology teams from implementers to architects with the introduction of Enterprise Components, allowing business technology teams to define, monitor, and manage reusable components that can be consumed across the organization to orchestrate processes. With a flexible architecture, Enterprise Components can be defined to facilitate connections to packaged and custom systems, define custom actions, manage coordination with people, train data models, and more.

For business technology teams, Enterprise Components achieves three significant outcomes. First, it allows enterprises to create a consistent standard that aligns, extends, and governs how business processes can be orchestrated. Second, it accelerates how quickly solutions can be delivered and maintained, by creating a componentized structure that promotes flexibility and reuse. Third, it creates a bridge between IT and business teams, abstracting the technical knowledge required to deliver complex business solutions, which allows for faster, more democratized solution delivery.

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Tonkean has also introduced a new Solutions Studio, revamping its existing no-code process builder into an enterprise-grade business logic modeling layer that provides the necessary capabilities and structure for business operations teams to rapidly deliver robust solutions to their most mission-critical processes.

In recent months, one Tonkean customer sought a solution for orchestrating a new, complex process related to the COVID pandemic. Their IT team quoted them a six-month turnaround time to build it with custom code, which would’ve missed the window entirely to help during the peak of the pandemic. Instead, their business technology team turned to Tonkean, and as an early adopter of Enterprise Components and the Solutions Studio they were able to create an enterprise-level process and launch it within nine business days.

“Tonkean has been critical to helping operations teams build better processes. But within every enterprise we talk to, there has still been a burden on technology teams to maintain systems and build connections that orchestrate processes for the business,” said Offir Talmor, CTO and Co-founder at Tonkean. “These latest updates will relieve that burden and cause a major reduction in the backlog of business technology teams while still keeping control of the data and security.”

Tonkean’s recent “State of Business Operations 2021” report revealed that 86% of operations teams believe their projects at least occasionally get delayed because of a lack of technical resources, while 82% of IT teams believe that they have too many apps, a sign of increasing Shadow IT.

Tonkean’s latest platform provides an alternative to solve process challenges without relying on buying or building new apps. Instead, enterprises can now create an enterprise model for rapidly, flexibly, and scalably deliver end-to-end, cross-functional business process solutions that are fully integrated with their existing technology stack.

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Other new features with Tonkean’s latest release include:

  • Custom Actions: Enables IT to define and govern new actions on packaged or custom systems that extend the set of no-code capabilities that business operations teams can leverage.
  • People Directory: Creates an abstraction layer for people outreach to allow the use of aliases in process logic by defining groups of people as a reusable Enterprise Component. Can integrate with Active Directory.
  • Machine Learning Model Training: Improves NLP models by enabling training and testing on a specific model as an Enterprise Component.
  • Runtime Management: Provides a mission control center for all Solutions in each environment to monitor and manage all running processes.
  • Environments and Version Control: Ensures adherence to SDLC best practices, even for non-technical users, with two or more environments and full versioning capabilities to confidently deploy solutions for mission critical processes.
  • Detailed Audit Logging: Tracks every detail of your business operations including any processed item or modification to any Solution or Enterprise Component to keep a full audit trail and ensure cross-functional compliance.


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