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Thundra Introduces “Sidekick Cloud Debugger” And Names Entrepreneur Berkay Mollamustafaoglu As CEO

By ET Bureau - April 05, 2021 4 Mins Read

Thundra Introduces Sidekick Cloud Debugger and Names Entrepreneur Berkay Mollamustafaoglu as CEO, the developer platform for pre-production environments, announced the launch of its “Sidekick Cloud Debugger“. This new platform enables developers to develop, test, and deliver best-in-class applications using the Sidekick Cloud Debugger for remote debugging and distributed tracing capabilities in pre-production environments.

Thundra also announced the appointment of Berkay Mollamustafaoglu as CEO. Mollamustafaoglu’s distinguished career includes founding and growing several startups. He has held executive positions at companies including iFountain, OpsGenie, and Atlassian, and is a co-founder of Thundra.

His appointment comes as Thundra leaps forward to own a new market category. Today, the company announced their comprehensive remote application debugging platform, with co-founder Serkan Ozal resuming the role of CTO and the team remaining as excited as they were on day one of operation.

It’s now required to develop against cloud resources as early as possible in order to see how code behaves on the cloud. When developers push their code to development or staging environments in pre-production, they usually lose their ability to traditionally debug using breakpoints. Because of this, a huge amount of time and productivity is wasted. Adding new loglines to the code can be a solution; however, this usually creates a “build-deploy-debug-fix-go back to step1” cycle.

Productivity becomes a problem when problem-solving methods can’t cope with the pace of application development methods and technologies. Observability is not only a requirement for applications in production environments ⁠— it’s becoming critical for pre-production environments.

Developers use Thundra Sidekick in pre-production to reduce the impact and cost of potential failures in production. And additionally, application quality increases in terms of robustness and resilience, while developer collaboration and productivity are boosted thanks to Thundra Sidekick.

“We have invested years to build sophisticated observability tools that will help us rapidly respond to and resolve problems in production, and lean on on-call engineers to deal with production incidents. We need to invest more in tools and practices that would aid teams in resolving problems before they become a fire drill in production,” says Berkay Mollamustafaoglu.

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Thundra Sidekick is a free remote application debugger built to serve the developer community and resolve remote debugging challenges. Sidekick can be set up very easily with the no-code configuration required. Additionally, Thundra Sidekick Cloud Debugger enables developers to set tracepoints for any application running on any cloud platform. It allows developers to:

  • Import code: Thundra Sidekick Cloud Debugger connects to your code repository and lets you set tracepoints for any application running on any cloud platform.
  • Set tracepoints: Non-breaking breakpoints, a.k.a. tracepoints, can be easily set to provide visibility into failures occurring in code. To implement this feature, Thundra Sidekick needs to be added as a dependency, but no code change is required.
  • Take snapshots: Thundra Sidekick Cloud Debugger takes a snapshot of variables and the call stack. It’s as if the code pauses like it would in a breakpoint, but it actually doesn’t. All valuable data is retrieved with no performance overhead.
  • Distributed tracing: Thundra’s novel distributed tracing engine seamlessly and automatically connects traces in various services within the same distributed transaction.
  • Hotfix and reload: Small code changes (such as null checks, wrong logical operators/comparisons, etc.) can be made by developers and reloaded without the need to redeploy the application again. This helps save time and boost developer productivity.

Thundra’s lightweight agents are able to work on any infrastructure on any cloud platform. Full visibility into applications is made possible by Thundra’s platform-agnostic instrumentation, especially on pre-production environments on AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, or on-premise applications.

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