ThunderSoft Introduces Edge Station with Intel

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ThunderSoft Introduces Edge Station with Intel

ThunderSoft, a world-leading operating system technology provider, announced its edge computing-based ThunderSoft® TurboX(TM) Edge Station with Intel at CES 2020. The Station is designed to shorten the development schedule and simplify the development process, aiming to bring benefits in saving cost, improving efficiency, maintaining inventory accuracy, as well as providing smarter marketing and better customer experiences.

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TurboX Edge Station is a robust, scalable, reliable end-to-end solution, which is based on the Intel® Visual Data Device, with ThunderSoft’s optimized operating system, and integrated with Edge-X-Foundry framework. Benefiting from Intel’s Open Visual Inference & Neural Network Optimization (OpenVINO™) toolkit, video real-time encoding, decoding, and inference computing functions can be realized smoothly. Therefore, we can conduct real-time face recognition or data analysis at the edge to provide our customers with a structured and visual data including customer portraits, traffic statistics, and customer behavior analysis. Moreover, the solution provides a secure data storage and end-to-end security connection by utilizing ThunderSoft’s comprehensive security technology.

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“Smart retail is believed to be a fast-growing market with great potential. Sophisticated and systematic technologies are required during the evolution of the retail industry. ThunderSoft, as a leading OS technology provider, is willing to work with Intel and other partners to enable the retail industry to transform to be smarter and more connected,” said Pengcheng Zou, CTO of ThunderSoft.