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ThoughtTrace and Tableau Software: Incorporating AI-Powered Contract Intelligence into Tableau Business Analytics Provides Transformational Insights into Unstructured Data

By ET Bureau - November 13, 2019 2 Mins Read

ThoughtTrace and Tableau Software Incorporating AI-Powered Contract Intelligence into Tableau Business Analytics Provides Transformational Insights into Unstructured Data

ThoughtTrace, the leader in AI-Powered, domain-specific Contract Intelligence is proud to partner with Tableau, the leading analytics and integration platform, to advance digital transformation initiatives through new data-driven insights with unstructured data.

In today’s data-driven world, people need the power of many sources of data at their fingertips to gain and sustain a competitive advantage. ThoughtTrace is challenging the way people think about unstructured data, and transforming how it is used in the overall business ecosystem. Unstructured data such as contracts, leases, and commercial agreements hold a wealth of invaluable information, but organizations have found it difficult or impossible to access and utilize it.

ThoughtTrace’s new technology helps users drill down from thousands of documents to the handful you need to focus on in seconds.

Powered by domain-specific Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, ThoughtTrace has disrupted this standard, and it is finally possible to find key insights, risks, opportunities, and trends from the information contained in massive amounts of unstructured documents.  Companies can process thousands of documents in a day and understand every obligation, opportunity, limitation, and risk with 1000s of provisions and data elements made visible in an instant. With results in just minutes as opposed to days or weeks, human intelligence can focus on the critical elements for analysis, ultimately resulting in a significant reduction in risk, better insights into obligations, and massive savings.

From Unstructured Data to Value

By leveraging Tableau’s powerful Business Intelligence combined with domain-specific AI to identify and extract the meaningful data locked-in contracts and commercial agreements, companies are closing the unstructured-to-actionable data gap and maximizing insights that lead to more informed decisions.

“ThoughtTrace is allowing businesses to seize new opportunities and proactively manage risk with on-demand access to the vast amount of information buried in their contracts and documents. This is a new source of data for many companies, and the ability to tap into this will supercharge digital transformation initiatives around unstructured data and making data-driven decisions,” says ThoughtTrace CEO, Nick Vandivere.


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