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Therap’s Time Tracking Tool Tracks Daily Activities and Behavior Changes

By ET Bureau - October 21, 2019 2 Mins Read

Therap, Time Tracking Tool

Therap’s Time Tracking tool is utilized by intellectual and developmental disabilities providers and other long-term services and supports organizations to quickly collect and monitor data over regular time intervals. This includes, but is not limited to, behavior data like mood charting, target behavior observations, safety or other frequent checks required for sleep charts, positioning, monitoring restrictive device or adaptive equipment usage, and multiple additional uses. Agency staff or clinicians create Time Tracking templates, allowing model data collection to be personalized per individual. Templates allow for up to ten drop-down options that caretakers can immediately select for each interval, and outline what to track, observation expectations, and the interval period length between status checks.

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Caretakers can open a Time Tracking observation record and identify patterns of behavior from the data collected with little difficulty – options are color-coded to help identify trends or unusual entries.  Agencies use the Time Tracking module not only to identify trends and stay in compliance for sleep or positioning checks, ensuring routine health and safety checks for individuals receiving services, but also to encourage and reinforce positive behavior tracking or activities, like community engagement, socially inclusive activities, exercise or other physical activities which the person receiving services may be engaged.


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