Therap’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature within its Scheduling/Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) module authenticates services provided in the community, even where internet service is limited or inaccessible. With IVR functionality, service providers carry out electronic visit verification by calling in or checking in/out for scheduled slots using a secured system confirming entries when synced to Therap’s application.

Agio Forges Partnership with Respond Software

With the enactment of the 21st Century Cures Act mandating Electronic Visit Verification for documenting personal care and home health care services, providers need a solution to fulfill EVV compliance requirements as outlined in Section 12006 of the Act. Non-compliance penalties include reduced Federal Medical Assistance Percentages (FMAP). Therap’s Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) software enables service providers to collect data from the point of service by the person directly providing those services. With primary check-in/out via the Therap mobile app, using built-in GPS location tracking features and secure electronic signature features, Therap’s tools for EVV help facilitate a service delivery authentication process that complies with the new federal standard.

ValueLabs Launches Cognitive Ops as a New Service Line

Therap’s Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) tool is a comprehensive solution to facilitate compliance and simplify the service delivery authentication process.  Scheduling tools are linked with Therap’s comprehensive billing features so that the schedule tracks the number of units per service available, and how many units scheduled. Self-advocates and their families can also view their schedule and know who will be coming to work with them. IVR is a telephony-based option for staff in agencies or settings when an internet connection/smart device is not an option.