Therap’s Flexible Human Services Case Management (CM) E-Tools

Therap's Flexible Human Services Case Management (CM) E-Tools (1)

Therap’s Case Management (CM) documentation e-tools are a Human Services CM Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) product on a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. While Therap’s CM system is COTS, it comes with the ruled based flexibility to develop templates that meet the human services CM reporting tasks that Therap’s users have encountered. As a SaaS product it can be used with tablets and other browser based portable products in congregate or community settings.

As a COTS product, the Therap CM system is available for use as soon as the subscription to use Therap has been signed. Since Therap’s CM system is bundled with full-service training and support, users can develop the templates they need for the variety of CM tasks based on how aggressively they choose to implement the system.

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The CM templates have options that can be designated as required for time of service, service & unit rate, activity type, location, if the task is billable, face to face or other types of contact, the person contacted (if it is not the individual receiving support), attaching documents, and freeform CM Notes. A unique feature that can also be added to CM documentation records is a user defined questionnaire.

The combination of user defined templates and questionnaires provides human services organizations with the capability of gathering documentation in consistent formats that can be easily reported on using Therap’s reporting capabilities.

Therap’s CM notes can also be used for comprehensive, billing, claiming, and utilization Management. Using the time of service and service & unit rate options when developing templates.

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