Therap’s Business Intelligence Tool to Aggregate Agency-Wide Data

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Therap’s Business Intelligence tool aggregates agency-wide data, providing real-time reports which help to identify trends, execution of quality assurance activities, and assessment of the overall agency performance in supporting individuals. Data is routed from multiple data collection tools into meaningful dashboards and visual charts, helping administrators and teams understand the overall data to improve the quality of supports provided.  Integrated tools allow supervisors to make informed decisions about the effectiveness of service delivery and measurable outcomes.  In addition, Therap reinforces transparency and accountability, by creating an effective audit trail of the data, including who views or adjusts it and is notified of it.  The system records to date and time-stamps with electronic signatures of each caretaker or professional performing a particular action within the system.

Therap offers five dashboards displaying data collection and trends within its tools.  These include a Demographic dashboard, Incident Management dashboard, Health Tracking dashboard, Billing dashboard, and a Data-Driven Outcomes dashboard.  Each displays meaningful reports and trends on data staff or Therap users enter within corresponding data collection tools.  The data is displayed with charts, graphs, tables or other graphical presentations configured by the viewer, while data can be exported to multiple formats.

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