Therap Enhances Functionality for Incident Reporting, Follow-Along Response, and Trend Analysis

Therap Enhances Functionality for Incident Reporting_ Follow-Along Response_ and Trend Analysis

New features include COVID-19 Response Tools to provide critical information for internal agency follow-up and audits from oversight organizations

Therap’s incident management suite has become essential for human service providers and government agencies to manage incident reporting, follow-up, investigations, and results/recommendations. The system is designed to accommodate incidents of all levels of severity for immediate availability to reporting to oversight entities, such as governmental agencies responsible for oversight of the health and welfare of protected populations.

Therap users can report on a variety of serious reportable incidents including COVID-19 diagnosis or exposure, injuries, behavioral concerns, medication errors, restraints, accidents, abuse/neglect/exploitation, death, and other issues that occur.  Incident Management functionality provided by Therap’s system is frequently enhanced to ensure that reviewers or investigators are able to efficiently communicate, document, respond, and follow-up on issues that may impact the health and well-being of protected individuals.

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Enhancements were released that support prevention of COVID-19 transmission among individuals receiving care and support services. Diagnosis and exposure of COVID-19 can be thoroughly detailed, along with symptoms, using Therap’s COVID-19 Incident Reporting features. Team members who are deemed essential in the response and review of these incidents can receive real-time notifications of these events and access event details securely even while working remotely.

Therap’s Incident Management suite supports state agencies’ efforts to comply with Federal Medicaid Assurances. Many states require incident reports be submitted in a specific format; Therap provides the option to add state-specific information.