The Launching Ceremony for XnMatrix Wrapped Up, the Next Generation of Cloud Computing Eco-System Sets Sail

The Launching Ceremony for XnMatrix Wrapped Up_ the Next Generation of Cloud Computing Eco-System Sets Sail

On Aug. 27, the Launching Ceremony for XnMatrix – the Next Cloud Computing Platform and IPFS distributed Storage Eco-System, by the guidance of Hainan Provincial Industry and Information Technology Department, organized by Hainan Anmai Cloud Network Technology Co. Ltd. and co-organized by Hainan Free Trade Port Blockchain Pilot Area, was held in Haikou.

Expert Analyses and Thoughtful Insights

The ceremony was opened up by Mi Jia, COO of organizer Hainan Anmai Network Technology Co. Ltd., who gave the keynote speech on Computing Civilization and Society Motivation.

XnMatrix-Digital Civilization Strategy Unveiled

The speech delivered by Wu Wenjie, Chairman of XnMatrix, was the highlight of the conference which unveiled the next generation of cloud computing platform XnMatrix, the digital civilization strategy and product launch.

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“Computing is the energy, storage the soil. Algorithm is the laws of life to the digital society which, based on math, blockchain, smart contract, will become the rule of the society and create a digital civilized time that is more effective and orderly,” Wenjie said. “The digital civilization strategy of XnMatrix is based on the blockchain system with privacy computing and automatic contract and verification as its essentials so as to build a world-leading decentralized cloud computing platform whose mission is to create the underlying infrastructure of the digital civilization world that can help people to embrace the data privacy and human-machine interaction secure challenge caused in the time of smart machine. XnMatrix, via the four underlying frameworks which include decentralized network, contract, infrastructure service and application service, has carried out four standardized products in use, including cloud pay, cloud GPU, cloud storage as well as IPFS cloud host. Besides, industry solutions like IPFS technology, computing power store, digital asset bank has also been put in use.”

Three Labs, XnMatrix Driven by Technology

The three tech sources of XnMatrix – Glacier Lab, X Lab, and Oxford Digital Asset Research Institute – all showed up. The tech achievements of the three labs step up the improvement on the XnMatrix platform at a high speed.

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