The Era of Precision Currency Has Arrived: Thousand Cities Strategic Algorithms Cloud Technology (TCSA) Forms Partnership with RBWC

Era of Precision Currency

With its Sovereign Asset Currency AI System, TCSA will change how a country measures the true value of money.

Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee (RBWC) hosted a virtual signing ceremony to launch its partnership with Thousand Cities Strategic Algorithms Cloud Technology Ltd. (TCSA) as the core member of its Sovereign Currency Technology for central banks globally. Mr. Marc Uzan, Executive Director of RBWC, and Mr. Adkins Zheng, Chief Algorithm Officer of TCSA attended the event.

“Every country around the world is facing the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is precisely the moment when a new economic vision and a powerful governance tool are most needed,” said Zheng. “TCSA is leading the second data revolution through our construction of a nucleus for the data world – ‘algorithmic units’, which upgrade traditional data traffic logic to a new level of causal AI logic. As a result of this transformation, data will finally support human civilizations at the deepest levels of social interaction through the measurement of real-time monetary demand and supply, as well as the innovation of national policies, social systems and governance mechanisms. Each national government will have a customized algorithmic AI engine with superb financial and economic monitoring capability, which enables precise resource allocation at every level within the country.”

TCSA’s innovative “Sovereign Asset Currency” will fundamentally transform the current “Sovereign Credit Currency” system. Based on new economic and monetary theories, the Sovereign Asset Currency AI system will mitigate the shortcomings of traditional Sovereign Credit Currency’s long-term financial risks.

Even prior to launching this exciting partnership, TCSA already received tremendous support from academics and government officials worldwide. RBWC, who shares the same vision, has also been an influential international non-profit organization committed to helping central banks redefine their global financial architecture and currency system.

The partnership between TCSA and RBWC comes amidst the fundamental shift taking place across the world, as more countries realize the urgent need for AI currency systems that can yield transparent and sustainable social economic development results. Moving forward, both RBWC and TCSA will jointly roll out webinars on “The Foundation of Digital Currency: Creating a Sovereign Asset Currency System.” Further solutions will be launched during the annual Dialogue of Continents conference for central bankers in October 2020.

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