The 8×8 XCaaS ™ solution improves employee and customer engagement with high data availability and sovereignty in Canada.

The 8x8 XCaaS ™ solution improves employee and customer engagement with high data availability and sovereignty in Canada.-01

8×8, Inc. , a leading provider of integrated cloud communications platforms, today announces enhanced connectivity and reliability capabilities cloud in Canada, improving the business resilience of Canadian businesses and ensuring respect for data sovereignty. By leveraging 8×8’s patented Global Reach  technology , Canadian businesses can further strengthen employee communications and customer engagement in a distributed workforce by using the 8×8 XcaaS  solution (eXperience Communications as a MC service), which includes a fully integrated cloud-based contact center , voice communications , video meetings , team chat, and application protocol interfaces and integrable applications for Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS – Communications Platform as a Service) .

“ As Canadian businesses embrace digital transformation and the shift to hybrid work, they recognize that cloud services can ensure greater resiliency in their businesses. We expect the adoption of cloud communications to accelerate in Canada due to this heightened awareness of the need for more flexible use of technology, ”says Elka Popova, vice president of research on connected work at Frost & Sullivan. “This growth is driven by global cloud service providers offering compelling integrated communications, collaboration and contact center offerings, such as the 8×8 XCaaS solution. 8×8 helps Canadian businesses improve employee and customer engagement while meeting their unique requirements for reliability, service quality and data sovereignty. ”

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Organizations can combine the 8×8 XCaaS solution’s cloud-based communications and contact center packages and services to meet their unique needs, while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to changing needs in the future. Organizations that rely on Microsoft Teams for collaboration can also use the Microsoft Certified 8×8 Voice Direct Routing Solution for Microsoft Teams and Contact Center for Microsoft Teams 8×8 .

“ The 8×8 XCaaS solution offers Canadian businesses the benefit of a modern, stand-alone communications experience,” said Michael Carnevale, director of product and partner solutions at CDW Canada. “ Our partners and their customers can be reassured knowing that employee productivity will be improved, their customers will be delighted and their data will be more detailed to enable them to make smarter decisions and have a more flexible organization. . ”

Leveraging geographically redundant cloud infrastructure, 8×8 delivers high-quality, reliable global connectivity to improve business resiliency and ensure data sovereignty is respected. Strong points :

  • Multiple levels of infrastructure, platform, data and geographic layer redundancy. This helps uphold data sovereignty, meet Canadian regulatory requirements, and keep businesses competitive and compliant.
  • 8×8’s resilient, secure and compliant eXperience Communications Platform  communications platform enables 8×8 to deliver the highest levels of reliability and the only 99.999% Service Level Agreement (SLA) platform-wide, financially supported, in an integrated UCaaS and CCaaS cloud solution.
  • The patented Global Reach 8×8 routing technology ensures high availability and superior quality of voice and video worldwide. Users in 46 countries and territories, including China , Russia and Japan, have access to business-grade connectivity to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) , local numbers, global dial plans and services emergency.
  • Transparent public site providing detailed current status to monitor the most recent network and service conditions.

” Managing our distributed workforce was a challenge for us, not only because of the lack of resiliency and call stability, but also because of the lack of necessary reporting and analysis capabilities within our organization.” , explains Alex Paré, network specialist at Decathlon Canada. “ The 8×8 XCaaS solution enables our staff to communicate, collaborate and engage with colleagues and customers from anywhere, and in a reliable and flexible manner, which allows us to have complete visibility and understanding to deliver a exceptional customer experience. ”

” For many businesses in Canada, data sovereignty is a huge barrier when choosing the products and services they need,” says Hunter Middleton, Product Manager at 8×8, Inc. Thanks to our global infrastructure and capabilities Enhanced, Canadian businesses can have the peace of mind of knowing that their employees can communicate and interact with customers securely while remaining compliant. ”

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