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Founded by the creators and maintainers of Istio and Emboy, Tetrate today announced the general availability of the Tetrate Service Bridge (TSB), the Golden Gate Release. This latest release combines the capabilities of API Gateway, Web Application Firewall (WAF), and Service Mesh into a single management plane, providing the industry’s first integrated cloud-based application connectivity platform. By integrating these capabilities, TSB brings centralized governance and decentralized enforcement to application networking. This is essential for implementing zero trust security across legacy and modern workloads.

TSB’s emboy-based application networking layer eliminates the distinction between north-south traffic and east-west traffic. All are just application traffic. Developers can apply features previously available only on API gateways to any part of the application topology, from the edge to the workload. The TSB Golden Gate Release includes API Gateway and Comprehensive API Governance Out of the Box.

Brad Casemore, vice president of research, data center and multi-cloud networking at IDC, said: “As companies expand their cloud-native application environments, robust application capabilities and networks are both of essential value and increasing complexity. Although somewhat paradoxical, application networking is It has the highest value when it is invisible: easy to provision and operate, unobtrusive while elastically extensible, secure in a highly distributed environment, and for developers and applications. Without disruption. With the latest release of the Tetrate Service Bridge, Tetrate meets this need and simplifies centralized control of the entire connection from the edge to the workload across multiple clusters, clouds, and computing resources. . ”

Accessing application-specific networks and security policies to know how to configure them is not easy for developers and ultimately impacts productivity. However, networking and security teams have no means of enforcing policy mandates to ensure their implementation. This division of access and knowledge leads to incompliant networking and inconsistent policy enforcement, which in turn leads to security breaches. With the Golden Gate release, TSBs will be able to enable developers to configure their application policies and harness their power at the same time without having to learn complex new technologies like Emerging and Istio.

Jeremy Farber, Senior Vice President of Infrastructure at Age of Learning, said: “As a leading educational technology provider, our flagship product, ABCmouse Early Learning Academy, has become a leading digital education program for children in the United States. We are the Golden Gate Release of Tetrate Service Bridge. Thank you for helping us achieve security at the application level as well as at the network level. ”

TSB is now available not only as a self-managed deployment, but also as a service hosted by fully managed Tetrate. TSB managed services significantly reduce the initial investment required to start using the Zero Trust architecture, encourage trials, and further reduce customer complexity. Managed services are available for pilot projects, small projects, or any project, depending on your needs.

Valun Talwar, CEO and co-founder of Tetrate, said: “Application architectures are becoming more and more decentralized. When combined with the needs of multi-cloud infrastructure, application networking, and security policies, management becomes a complex issue. TSB is this. Elegantly simplify issues with a management plane. This is the layer that connects the runtime system to users and teams. Enterprises can confidently implement controls for regulatory requirements without simultaneous outages. In the form, many unrelated teams can be maintained on the same infrastructure. ”

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The Golden Gate Release follows a year of great success. Over the past year, more than 20 financial services, healthcare and retail organizations within the Fortune 500 have adopted the original version of TSB, and the number of clusters we manage has increased tenfold over the previous year. .. Customers have given us the following valuable feedback regarding the key features of the new release.

  • A unified application connectivity platform that can be used to deploy and manage WAFs, API GWs, service meshes, and egress controls.
  • A clean and definitive application developer experience for application traffic and security controls, with once-decided application everywhere
  • A management pane that centrally manages application traffic across heterogeneous environments, including cubantis, virtual machines, bare metal servers, on-premises, and in the cloud.
  • Multi-tenancy: Create tenants for multiple teams in your enterprise, define fine-tuned controls and editing rights, maintain zero trust as standard, and audit service and shared resource changes from start to finish.
  • Easy to use with just the right amount of bake-in API gateway functionality for next-generation out-of-the-box API governance
  • Deploy a cohesive WAF wherever you need it, from edges to workloads, not just a single firewall
  • Service mesh deployment and lifecycle management across multiple Kubanettis clusters (Istio and Emboy)
  • Application-level segmentation: Secure applications as well as networks (not just)

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