Teltech Group Launches IoT Marketplace with Polte-enabled Mobile IoT Asset Tracking Solutions

Teltech Group Launches IoT Marketplace with Polte-enabled Mobile IoT Asset Tracking Solutions

Teltech Group launches IoT Marketplace with Powered by Polte Mobile IoT location solutions, empowering and transforming enterprise operations with unprecedented, real-time asset visibility.

 Teltech Group, a nationally recognized logistics/supply chain services and asset management company, and Polte, innovator of Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC) technology, today announced a collaboration to bring Polte Mobile IoT location solutions to market through Teltech Group’s new, virtual IoT Marketplace located in their ecommerce portal,  Teltech Group will become a “Powered by Polte” distribution partner, selling Powered by Polte IoT devices bundled with the Polte IoT Cloud (PIC) asset tracking platform to deliver greater speed to market value for their customers.

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As technology like Polte’s C-LoC revolutionizes how its enterprise customers operate, Teltech Group has evolved by forming strategic partnerships to quickly adapt to business’ ever evolving needs. Teltech Group has built upon its foundation managing telecommunications industry clients’ equipment to now offer end-to-end supply chain solutions and resources.

Polte’s multi-patented C-LoC technology leverages the PIC and ubiquitous 4G & 5G cellular network signals to calculate a Polte-enabled Mobile IoT device’s position, allowing accurate location to be derived both indoors and outdoors without the use of GPS, Wi-Fi, or BLE. Polte’s use of existing Mobile IoT networks scraps the need for additional infrastructure, using a single cellular radio and offloading computational complexity from the device to the cloud.

Making Polte’s market-leading, end-to-end Mobile IoT location solutions available through Teltech Group’s IoT Marketplace, bundled with Teltech Group’s forward and reverse logistics services, provides enterprises an easily navigable catalog of options and a simple path to purchase for Powered by Polte devices. Users will find a list of Polte-enabled IoT devices on the portal, which upon account setup, can be immediately positioned through the PIC’s asset tracking and mapping interface.

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“Polte’s cellular-based asset trackers offer a significant benefit in coverage compared to trackers leveraging GPS, Wi-Fi, Cell-ID or other location options. These devices fill a gap by allowing Teltech Group’s customers visibility indoors and outdoors, with far greater battery life and security,” Teltech Group CEO Lisa Hanlon said. “Together, Polte and Teltech Group are taking the accessibility of this new technology a step further by enabling smoother deployment, commercial availability, purchase and aftercare service.”

“We look forward to growing Polte’s presence in Teltech Group’s IoT Marketplace,” Polte CEO Ed Chao said. “Teltech Group’s agility, knowledge and market expertise position them to be a leader in offering solutions that are Powered by Polte technology. We are excited to have Teltech Group partner to help bring our technology to market and enable a whole new set of use cases for their customers.”