TeleGeography Expands into the Internet Middle Mile with Research Service for Enterprises


TeleGeography, a global telecommunications market research and consulting firm, has released its unique Internet Middle Mile research service for enterprises across the world. The service is one of the first of its kind, which profiles middle mile providers and breaks down their offerings from TeleGeography’s unique expert understanding of the market.

“As global enterprises become more reliant on the cloud, middle mile services are going to be the next major topic of interest,” said Erik Kreifeldt, Principal Analyst at TeleGeography. “We’re keen to provide enterprises with the information they need to understand the space that so critically connects workforces to their applications.”

By definition, internet middle mile is the space between the office and the cloud. As such, a new class of network provider has emerged, aiming to optimize connectivity between these spaces.

TeleGeography’s Internet Middle Mile research service includes full profiles of 28 vendors, including Cloud Service Providers, Colocation and Internet Exchange Providers, Managed Network-Based SD-WAN Services, Overlay Providers, and Transport Providers. Profiles detail the vendor’s core features, connectivity options, cloud partnerships, security offerings, geography, and market stance. Enterprises across the globe benefit from a clearer understanding of middle mile services and how they can choose the best provider for their specific needs.

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“Middle mile is a relatively new segment of the market, and one that we’re uniquely qualified to analyze at TeleGeography,” said Kreifeldt. “We’re giving enterprises everything they need to understand what these providers offer, how they do it, and what’s happening between the core backbone and local access.”

TeleGeography experts spent the last year analyzing this market segment.

By exploring provider types, cloud connectivity and adoption use cases, its Internet Middle Mile research service and team of experts help enterprises find the best strategies for application performance, agile procurement and provisions, and multi-cloud connectivity.

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