Teledyne LeCroy OakGate launches Next Generation Solid-State Storage Validation Products

Teledyne LeCroy OakGate , Solid-State Storage Validation
Teledyne LeCroy OakGate launches Next Generation Solid-State Storage Validation Products

Teledyne LeCroy OakGate, the industry leader in advanced, high-performance validation solutions for flash storage, announced the launch of validation test appliances and modules supporting PCIe 4.0 transfer rates and advanced functionality that design and test engineers require to ensure performance and specification compliance of Solid State Drive (SSD) devices.

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“In the past decade, OakGate Technology has pioneered the industry’s most advanced SSD validation solutions, and now as part of Teledyne LeCroy, we continue to lead as the first validation solution supporting PCIe 4.0.,” said Anil Gupta, General Manager, Test Appliance Products. “We now have a full set of solutions that will enable our customers to accelerate the launch of PCIe 4.0 NVMe based solid-state storage products.”

Teledyne LeCroy OakGate’s new PCIe 4.0 storage validation appliances include the OakGate DC100-G4 Compact Desktop Appliance, OakGate DE200-G4 Expanded Desktop Appliance and the OakGate R300-GU 3U Rackmount Appliance. We also offer PCIe 4.0 versions of the company’s popular 4-Bay Modules and 12-Bay Enclosures. These modules and enclosures support industry-standard U.2, U.3 and EDSFF Long and Short form factors, allowing customers to scale the number of SSDs that they can test with a single or multiple OakGate appliances.

“With the doubling of data transfer rate per lane from 8.0 GT/s (gigatransfers/second) to 16.0 GT/s, the move to PCIe 4.0 cannot be realized without the ability to test and validate both performance and compliance,” said Bob Weisickle, Strategy & Technology Officer, Teledyne LeCroy Test Appliances. “The new highly-scalable PCIe 4.0 OakGate modules and enclosures follow our current products as they are powered by the industry’s most widely used SVF Pro and Enduro software suite.”

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The OakGate Enduro with SVF Pro includes a broad range of capabilities including deep protocol inspection and analysis, high-performance traffic generation, full-performance characterization, complex error injection, advanced test automation and power cycling for PCIe, SAS, SATA, and Fibre Channel. In addition, the open API allows easy integration into the customer’s existing test infrastructure.

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