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Teampay Launches Strategic Partner Program to Provide Additional Value within the Spend Management Ecosystem

By ET Bureau - February 15, 2021 3 mins read

Today, Teampay, the leading distributed spend management platform, announced the launch of its Partner Program to drive additional benefits for its customers. Through this program, Teampay cements its role as the only spend management solution on the market that supports the entire business process surrounding spend from end-to-end.

High-growth companies turn to Teampay for automated control and real-time visibility into purchasing from start to finish, while empowering employees with policy-driven access to spend. Now, in addition to its sophisticated spend management solution, Teampay can provide even more value to clients across multiple functions through the support of its best-in-class partner network.

Teampay’s Partner Program includes three branches that enhance the broader Teampay ecosystem: Issuer Partners, Technology Partners, and Consulting Partners.

  • Issuer Partners help customers leverage their existing credit lines with the added controls of Teampay;
  • Technology Partners provide customers with integrations and additional solutions to their corporate finance needs;
  • Consulting Partners share best practices with mutual customers.

Because spend management touches so many aspects of a modern business, Teampay leverages a variety of partners in order to best provide clients and users with world-class solutions and a seamless experience. The newly-announced program formalizes Teampay’s existing relationships with partners and solidifies the approach Teampay takes with its partner network. As a result, Teampay and its partners benefit from increased proactive communication between solutions and stronger joint success standards.

“At Teampay, we know that to support spend management effectively, we need to have direct relationships with every process that could possibly touch company spending,” said Andrew Hoag, CEO of Teampay. “Since our founding, we’ve worked tirelessly to build a value-based partner ecosystem that benefits our partners and most importantly, our shared customers. Today, we are pleased to unveil our Partner Program, which includes a broad spectrum of companies integral to distributed spend management. Each of our partners share our vision to provide scalable solutions that grow with our clients and help them maximize success.”

As a part of the Partner Program, Teampay also offers a referral program for those partners who see Teampay as a great fit for their own clients. Partners benefit from exposure to Teampay’s customers, discounts for their customers, and comarketing activities. Customers benefit from access to a curated network of best-in-class partners, helping companies better manage all types of purchasing and processes from end-to-end.

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Teampay has experienced steady momentum in the past year as a large portion of its clients move upmarket, signaling a need for the support of increasingly complex financial and business system needs. Through the wide-ranging capabilities included within the Partner Program, Teampay can provide value to its customers at every stage of their growth so that it is the only spend management platform they will ever need.


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