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TazWorks Announces Upgrade to its TazInsights™ Business Intelligence Platform

By ET Bureau - September 15, 2020 2 Mins Read

TazWorks Announces Upgrade to its TazInsights™ Business Intelligence Platform

TazWorks, the leading software and technology platform for background screening agencies, announced today, a significant upgrade to its TazInsights Business Intelligence platform for CRAs.  TazInsights has been completely redesigned around BI powerhouse – Sisense™ to improve the overall performance and capabilities of the tool and to position it for future growth and expanded features.

“This is a complete overhaul of TazInsights,” said Joe Olsen, TazWorks’ Chief Operating Officer.  “We learned a lot from the first version of our product, and it changed the way we are able to see into our business. We’ve been using the redesigned tool during the COVID pandemic and I can’t underscore enough how much it has helped us to navigate through this global crisis with the customized dashboards, dynamic reporting capabilities, and tools that immediately tell us what is happening in our business.  We want our clients to have the same capabilities and see what TazInsights is capable of doing for them.”

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Kevin Bachman, a background screening advisor and host of Background Check Radio, recently commented about the importance of effectively using business intelligence. “When I was inside a CRA, it was one of the most important tools I had at my disposal. Now, as a strategic business advisor, I can confidently say most companies do not fully utilize them and have lower revenues, lower margins, and higher expenses as a result. How profitable you are really is a choice. The more a shop focuses on creating and using the right metrics to run their business, the more profitable it becomes.”


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