Tabs3 Software Releases New Matter Manager

Tabs3 Software Releases New Matter Manager

Software Technology, LLC, the maker of Tabs3 Software, is excited to announce the release of the newly redesigned Tabs3 Billing Matter Manager. This feature creates a single, unified hub that makes it easier than ever to manage all things billing-related for each matter. The new Matter Manager provides at-a-glance billing information on key metrics, such as accounts receivable, work-in-process, and trust balances. The Matter Manager also allows users to drill down and get detailed information on individual transactions and statements.

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The release of the new Matter Manager follows the addition of dashboards in all Tabs3 Software products as well as new integrations with other industry leaders including LawPay and NetDocuments.

“In this latest release, we’ve added a feature that will fundamentally change the way attorneys and administrators manage their billing. We put access to the billing information and features that people need in one innovative, easy-to-understand screen. When people see this, they are going to love it,” said Dan Berlin, President and CEO of Software Technology, LLC.

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