Syxsense First to Provide Complete IT Management, Patching, and Security Vulnerability Scans in a Single Cloud Solution

Syxsense, IT Management, Patching, Security Vulnerability, Cloud Solution
Syxsense First to Provide Complete IT Management_ Patching_ and Security Vulnerability Scans in a Single Cloud Solution

Syxsense, a global leader in IT and security management solutions, announced the addition of a Vulnerability Scanner as an enhancement to its Syxsense Secure product.

“The latest release of Syxsense Secure gives IT the ability to manage and secure vulnerabilities and security weaknesses exposed by open ports, disabled firewalls, ineffective user account policies, and security compliance violations,” explained Syxsense’s Chief Executive Officer, Ashley Leonard.

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Syxsense Secure includes malicious process monitoring, automated device quarantine, real-time alerting, and live data that indicates the health of all endpoints in your network or roaming devices. Built on our real-time cloud endpoint management technology, Syxsense creates a baseline defense against known threats by ensuring devices are current with the latest software updates and security patches.

Traditional IT management solutions are unable to see attack vectors, such as open ports, insecure passwords, and ineffective user policies that can lead to brute-force attacks.

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Syxsense provides visibility and remediation of operating system and third-party vulnerabilities; adding security scans allows an organization to keep their attack surface even smaller, increasing cyber resilience and reducing breach risk.

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