Systemware JHS for Content Cloud


Systemware, Inc., an industry pioneer in enterprise content management, has announced the release and availability of JHS (Job History System) for Content Cloud.

Systemware JHS captures and manages mainframe job-oriented SYSLOG and SYSOUT for immediate access and secure, compliant storage. JHS is a mature and robust solution, first released in 1983 for z/OS, and is now available in Content Cloud, Systemware’s intelligent content services platform. “JHS was conceived and built on the mainframe by our CTO, Mike VanderLinden, almost 40 years ago. It is a testament to the value and vision of JHS that we are now providing this same core service to our customers in the cloud,” says Systemware VP of Development, Pat Sheehan. “There aren’t many applications that have remained as important and effective over such a long period and through so many changes,” he adds.

JHS for Content Cloud provides the same full output management capabilities, but through a modern browser-based UI and can be implemented or hosted on any infrastructure. “JHS has long provided powerful visibility into z/OS job performance and problem resolution with our industry-leading index and filtering capabilities,” says David Basso, Systemware VP of Sales and Marketing. “The advancement of JHS for Content Cloud provides a modern browser-based user experience and real- time access to all historical data.”

Together, JHS and Content Cloud can provide content management for your entire enterprise ecosystem, from mainframe to the public cloud and everywhere in between, while delivering a user experience centered around simplicity and access.