Synopsys ZeBu Server 4 Adopted by Xsight Labs for Intelligent Networking Switch Processor

Synopsys ZeBu Server 4 Adopted by Xsight Labs for Intelligent Networking Switch Processor

Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNPS) today announced that Xsight Labs has adopted Synopsys ZeBu® Server 4 emulation solution for validation of its X1 intelligent networking switch processor.

ZeBu Server 4’s performance and 7 billion gate cloud capacity has enabled Xsight LabsSynopsys ZeBu Server 4, Xsight Labs, Intelligent Networking Switch Processor, maximum utilization, high-quality code to further strengthen its pre-tapeout validation methodology using complex networking workloads with full system-on-chip (SoC) emulation.

ZeBu’s performance has also enabled full system software driver development and maximum utilization of all X1’s Ethernet ports for networking performance validation.

“Xsight Labs uses a comprehensive set of tools to ensure we are delivering best-in-class networking switch silicon to our customers. Synopsys’ ZeBu Server 4 cloud solution is an integral element of our verification methodology, which has provided our verification team with convenient, remote access to the high capacity required for full SoC emulation to perform extensive networking validation testing,” said Erez Shaizaf, co-founder and Switch General Manager at Xsight Labs. “By using ZeBu Server 4 throughout the critical development process, Xsight Labs has been able to identify potential issues before releasing the X1 family of 25.6Tbps and 12.8Tbps fully programmable data center switches to our customers.”

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ZeBu Server 4 is the industry’s fastest emulation system offering 2X higher performance over competitive solutions. With its small footprint and one-tenth the power consumption compared to its largest competitor, ZeBu enables software and verification teams to efficiently scale their emulation farm to verify their most complex designs. ZeBu performance enables software teams to run 100s of billions of software cycles required to validate complex new software stacks on multi-billion gate designs.

In addition to ZeBu Server 4, Xsight Labs adopted various Synopsys DesignWare® IP to meet the memory, connectivity and processing requirements of their networking switch SoC.

“We continue to see momentum at many startup companies requiring emulation solutions with high-performance, capacity and reliability to verify multi-billion gate chips,” said Rajiv Maheshwary, vice president of Business Development and Manufacturing in the Verification Group at Synopsys. “ZeBu Server cloud solution was the perfect match for Xsight Labs’s requirements, enabling remote access and debugging of billion gate designs with complex and long application workloads.”

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