MFT! is released MFT! , file management control MFT! is released

Syncplify, Inc., a young yet award-winning software development company that delivers enterprise-grade secure file transfer solutions (FTPS/SFTP client and server), has released MFT!, Managed File Transfer solution that provides easy workflow, integration, and automation.

AWS Launches Backup, It’s Fully-Managed Backup Service MFT! is an independent, practical solution that differentiates itself from the competitors by separating MFT from its server counterpart. Competitors often offer MFT features as part of their server products. Syncplify’s goal is to offer an affordable Managed File Transfer solution that can flawlessly integrate with many other products across a variety of platforms. MFT! offers a unique feature – BLOCKLY – allowing easy script building without coding knowledge. It means more users can effortlessly run MFT software on their machines without complications.

IT in the Next Decade

The new product is available now for downloading and purchasing. MFT! in free mode limits each script to a 30-second operation.  With registration, a free testing period is available for 30 days without feature limitations. The price for each license is $79 and available for Windows, and soon also for Linux, MacOS, and even Docker.

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