SyncMonkey Launches Key RMM Integrations With Ninja and Syncro

SyncMonkey Launches Key RMM Integrations With Ninja and Syncro

SyncMonkey Software Inc. (“SyncMonkey”) is excited to announce the launch of two key integrations, Ninja RMM and Syncro, making the SyncMonkey experience more streamlined for IT MSPs. SyncMonkey has built these integrations to empower MSPs with full data sync within these environments. This also allows for the plug-and-play ability to add the platform to their existing software stack, while further increasing efficiency and functionality of their core business.

This is an important milestone along SyncMonkey’s long-term road map. “Our goal is having SyncMonkey be the go-to documentation platform on the market. We plan to achieve this goal by broadening our software suite while aligning with industry leaders, like Ninja and Syncro,” said Kevin Schoenewolf, lead Project Manager at SyncMonkey.

SyncMonkey completed and released its integration with remote monitoring and management (RMM) software company Ninja on Nov. 9. The integration allows SyncMonkey users to directly import key client information (ie: contacts, client data, system configurations) from Ninja. SyncMonkey now works seamlessly with Ninja to enable a unified experience between the systems.

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SyncMonkey has also completed and released its integration for the RMM and Professional Services Automation (PSA) platform, Syncro. Users of Syncro and SyncMonkey will be able to seamlessly share data in real-time between the two platforms. The data is mapped to the appropriate categories within SyncMonkey and allows for continuity of the user’s existing processes and management.

“SyncMonkey is excited to integrate with these platforms because they share a similar client base of small to medium sized IT MSPs. We listened to the feedback of our clients and it was obvious we needed to integrate with Syncro and Ninja to enable convenience and efficiency for their businesses,” said Arnold Dogelis, Product Development Manager at SyncMonkey.

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