Symphony AyasdiAI Appoints Dr. Stephen Moody as Head of the Ayasdi Centre of Excellence (COE) for Analytics


Ayasdi COE to accelerate customer high-value use cases and AI solution deployment

Symphony AyasdiAI announced today it has appointed Dr. Stephen Moody as head of the Ayasdi centre of excellence (COE) for analytics. In this role, Stephen will work closely with all Ayasdi AI platform customers to effectively identify financial services AI use cases that can rapidly generate significant economic value, and design and deploy Ayasdi AI applications to address those use cases.

Dr. Moody brings over 15 years of industry experience developing market-leading solutions to combat financial crime. Previously with Simility Inc., ThreatMetrix, and BAE Systems, Stephen is an expert in leading teams that pioneer advanced fraud and financial crime solutions for financial services, commercial, telecommunications, and government.

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Symphony AyasdiAI uses best-in-class machine learning to capture revenue, minimize risks, and optimize operational efficiencies across the financial services market and other sectors. The company recently launched Ayasdi AML, an advanced anti-money laundering solution aimed at boosting efforts to combat these crimes. Using AI to address financial services risk creates more than $370 billion in economic value annually, according to McKinsey & Company.

Ishan Manaktala, CEO, Symphony AyasdiAI, said: “The opportunity within financial services to leverage data sets from disparate systems of record to build systems of intelligence using machine learning is enormous. Problems such as fraud, customer churn, and liquidity management require innovative and experienced leaders such as Dr. Moody to collaborate with customers to develop and deploy effective solutions. We look forward to his contributions to advance the solutions of Symphony AyasdiAI customers.”

Dr. Stephen Moody, head of the Symphony AyasdiAI Centre of Excellence for analytics, said: “I am excited to join a team with a passion for using AI to solve some of the knottiest problems in financial crime. The combination of Ayasdi’s AI technology and CoE best practices will result in a step-change in application intelligence in the enterprise. I look forward to working with customers to drive business value using AI.”

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