Syft® Launches Decedent Management and Tracking Solution on the Syft Synergy® Enterprise Supply Chain Management Platform

Syft® Launches Decedent Management and Tracking Solution on the Syft Synergy® Enterprise Supply Chain Management Platform

New solution enables hospitals to efficiently track and monitor deceased patients, enhancing compliance and compassion across the full continuum of care

Syft®, a leading national provider of healthcare inventory control and end-to-end supply chain cost management software and services, today announced the launch of a new decedent management and tracking solution built on the Syft Synergy® enterprise supply chain management platform.

Decedent management is extremely complex, and the rise in deaths in U.S. hospitals due to COVID-19 is highlighting how critical it is for hospitals to have robust and streamlined processes in place. Syft’s decedent management and tracking solution provides a fully inclusive workflow that allows users to efficiently track and monitor decedents through the hospital to the funeral home, facilitating compassionate, detail-oriented care every step of the way. The software ensures timely action, efficient communication between groups, and supports compliance across handoff points.

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The solution was developed in partnership with Barnes-Jewish Hospital, an existing client and a member of BJC Healthcare, one of the largest health systems in Missouri. While many hospitals still rely on manual paper and pencil processes to manage decedent workflows internally and beyond the hospital walls, Syft collaborated with Barnes-Jewish Hospital to create an integrated, automated tool that would ensure timeliness, efficiency, and compliance in decedent management. Now, key stakeholders across the hospital including decedent affairs specialists leverage the Syft Synergy platform daily as part of their workflow.

Key benefits of the decedent management and tracking solution include:

  • Ensuring the decedent’s location is always known through real-time, technology-enabled tracking
  • Decedent identification and transfer verification via a ‘Patient Passport’
  • Expedited local, city, state, and federal paperwork through forms pre-populated from the EHR
  • Internal and external stakeholders are aligned via automated notifications
  • Timely completion of activities through workflow and time tracking with visual alerts and task prioritization
  • Configurable dashboards and reports including communicable disease tracking

“Very few hospitals have a dedicated office of decedent affairs in place to oversee what happens to patients after they pass, and to facilitate communication among the long list of key stakeholders inside and outside the hospital,” said Lee Smith, Syft’s Vice President of Clinical Solutions. “Syft’s decedent management and tracking solution makes work easier for all stakeholders, from hospital staff to third parties such as medical examiners, social workers, transporters, and funeral directors. We applaud Barnes-Jewish for being forward-thinking in their approaches to decedent management. Establishing processes in this area that are thorough, efficient, and compassionately give dignity to the patient, assist grieving families, and increase vital organ and tissue donation, which can save lives.”

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