StreamNative Launches Its Cloud Offering – Enterprise Support for Apache Pulsar

StreamNative Launches Its Cloud Offering - Enterprise Support for Apache Pulsar

StreamNative, a cloud-native event streaming company powered by Apache Pulsar, announced today the launch of StreamNative Cloud.

As companies look to unlock the power of real-time data, they must find new technologies that can support event-driven architectures. With Pulsar’s unique feature-set, including unified queue and stream messaging and infinite message retention, it is increasingly being sought-out by companies looking to build next-generation messaging and event streaming applications.

Major adoption stories from OVHCloud, Tencent, Splunk, and Verizon Media provide key insights into why companies are adopting Pulsar and hint at the massive growth in the Pulsar ecosystem since it became a top-level Apache project in 2018.

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We’re excited to announce StreamNative Cloud, providing Apache Pulsar®-as-a-Service. StreamNative Cloud provides a turnkey solution to help organizations make the transition to “streaming-first” architectures. It enables developers to focus on building applications, instead of managing and maintaining complex systems and data services.

The StreamNative Cloud Offering

  • Cloud-Hosted  The Cloud-Hosted service provides the ability to spin up a StreamNative-hosted Pulsar cluster on a cloud provider of your choice within minutes. (Today, StreamNative supports Google Cloud, with AWS and more cloud providers coming soon!) The cluster provisioning is fully automated and StreamNative takes care of managing both the infrastructure and software to ensure a scalable, resilient, and secure implementation.
  • Cloud-Managed  With the Cloud-Managed service, StreamNative offers a fully-managed Pulsar cluster deployable to a public or private cloud environment, fully customized to meet user needs. With this option, users can ensure the data stays in their environment in order to meet any security and compliance requirements. StreamNative manages Pulsar so that users don’t have to spend time or resources to deploy, upgrade, and maintain clusters.

Powered By Apache Pulsar’s Core Developers
As the core developers of Pulsar, the StreamNative team is deeply versed in the technology, the community, and the use cases, and has experience operating Pulsar in large scale production environments, including at both Twitter and Yahoo!. The StreamNative team’s unmatched operational experience on Pulsar is now available to you through StreamNative Cloud.

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