STRATACACHE Announces SuperLumin Will Demonstrate Content Acceleration Technology at Microsoft Ignite 2019

STRATACACHE , SuperLumin , Content Acceleration Technology , Microsoft Ignite 2019

SuperLumin will demonstrate enterprise content acceleration and caching solutions at Microsoft Ignite, “Microsoft’s annual gathering of technology leaders and practitioners.” From boosting internet performance to optimizing bandwidth and network security, SuperLumin provides a faster, richer quality experience for online and offline visitors. SuperLumin, part of the STRATACACHE family of marketing technology companies, leverages the most advanced technology available to minimize bandwidth consumption, eliminate unnecessary network infrastructure and relieve network congestion. SuperLumin can be found in booth #1803 at the event, being held November 4-8 in Orlando, Fla.

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Booth highlights include solutions to:
Alleviate Network Congestion
Significantly reduce network performance challenges by decreasing the overall volume of content moving over the provider network. Our caching technology identifies frequently requested data and stores it on a local device, eliminating the need to repetitively transmit the same content, severely slowing down your network.

Streamline Microsoft Office 365 Content Delivery
Application speed and load times matter when it comes to engagement — content with longer load time has higher bounce rates and leads to user dissatisfaction. Our technology handles large static or dynamic rich media files, making it the ideal solution to accelerate the performance of all Office 365 hosts and domains.