STRATACACHE and MobiledgeX Announce a Transformational Partnership in 5G/Edge Computing Technology

STRATACACHE, MobiledgeX , 5G/Edge Computing Technology
STRATACACHE and MobiledgeX Announce a Transformational Partnership in 5GEdge Computing Technology

STRATACACHE announced a partnership with MobiledgeX, who is making edge computing widely accessible and easy to consume, to jointly develop advanced content, media and application delivery solutions for the automotive sector on a global scale.

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As the world continues to change with Industry 4.0 towards being more mobile and interconnected, operators and application developers face increasing challenges in enabling their services to work.  The need to be able to deploy a cross-carrier application is now a critical requirement for Cellular Vehicle to Everything.

The partnership of STRATACACHE via SuperLumin, an accelerated content delivery company in the STRATACACHE family of marketing technology companies, within the 5G MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform, provides the framework that automotive manufacturers, carriers and enterprise users can utilize to ensure their applications function for all users, wherever they need.

The connected car is generating a rapidly increasing volume of data, media and consumer use cases that require local compute and the ability to deliver the relevant content or application wherever it is required in a low-latency, time-critical environment. The processing and efficient enablement of rich media customer experiences is what the partnership of STRATACACHE and MobiledgeX will address, scaling to exceed global user requirements of today and tomorrow.

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“Combining the 5G edge compute framework of MobiledgeX and the ultra-efficient content acceleration of SuperLumin serves multiple purposes,” said Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE. “This allows us to not only serve the automotive industry as they evolve the Cellular Vehicle to Everything architecture but also — as vehicles transform into media and retail environments — our expertise in data and event-driven experiences allows us to bridge the automotive and retail industries to create new personalized experiences. We’re expanding the boundaries of retail, helping consumers find and engage with brands as part of the driving experience.”

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