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StormForge Delivers Kubernetes Cloud-Efficiency At Scale With Automated Resource Optimization

By ET Bureau - May 06, 2021 3 Mins Read

StormForge Delivers Kubernetes Cloud-Efficiency at Scale with Automated Resource Optimization

StormForge, the leader in cloud-native performance testing and resource optimization, today announced new product updates to its performance testing and application optimization platform.

New features include the ability to automatically generate optimization experiments and use new guided walkthroughs for setting up and running the experiments, all of which speed cloud-native development and deployments regardless of the level of in-house expertise.

“Kubernetes application performance optimization shouldn’t require you to be a Kubernetes guru. With our newest capabilities, StormForge is making it easy to achieve cloud-efficiency without requiring users to be experts on the inner workings of Kubernetes,” said John Platt, VP of Machine Learning of StormForge. “There’s no longer any reason for DevOps teams to choose between their application performance and cost-efficient provisioning.”

Today’s DevOps teams configure cloud-native applications by using a trial-and-error approach that is both labor intensive and requires a deep level of Kubernetes expertise. It’s also ineffective, resulting in applications that cost twice as much to run as necessary and still risk poor performance.

The results are universal and unnecessary and include bloated spending and cloud waste. Airbnb, for example, recently published the results of its nine-month cloud efficiency journey in which it saw a $63.5 million year-over-year decrease in hosting costs, which contributed to a 26 percent decline in its cost of revenue. This is not a small problem.

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“There is a whole new level of Kubernetes innovation that will happen as DevOps teams deploy StormForge,” said Bob Maul, CEO, Circonus. “The company is iterating and innovating on its platform to offer new capabilities to the DevOps team fast. Developers and IT professionals today have so much opportunity at their fingertips but their hands are sometimes tied due the complexities that come with new technologies. StormForge is removing the boundaries that previously held these professionals and their companies back.”

The newest StormForge platform capabilities include:

  • the ability to generate optimization experiments by automatically scanning in-cluster resources, making it easy to optimize applications without requiring in-depth knowledge of underlying Kubernetes plumbing;
  • guided walk-throughs of optimization experiment creation and execution, making optimization of applications faster and easier;
  • improved customer onboarding experience built into the StormForge app, making it easier for customers to get started and reducing time to value;
  • and a new user interface designed for faster innovation and to further improve ease of use and accessibility.

“StormForge is one of our primary tools for building efficient Kubernetes services. Auto-scanning for experiments and the updated UI considerably improve the cost and time spent in terms of management and operations of the product,” said Prashanto Kochavara, Director of Product, Trilio.

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