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Stigg launches advanced metering capabilities for its SaaS pricing API to support hybrid models

By ET Bureau - August 24, 2023 2 Mins Read

Stigg launches advanced metering capabilities for its SaaS pricing API to support hybrid models

Stigg, the first pricing & packaging API for SaaS, announces the launch of the product’s new advanced metering capabilities, making it the only solution today that supports both metering and entitlements the core to support hybrid pricing models. With Stigg, B2B SaaS companies can build any pricing model and run pricing iterations, without having to hire for, build, and maintain this piece of the infrastructure themselves, saving months of time and resources.

Usage-based pricing has been on the rise for being attributed to superior CAC payback and net dollar retention rates. Yet uncommitted revenue bears a high risk, especially in downturn markets. In 2023, a rising number of businesses are adopting more complex, hybrid models that balance between usage and subscription pricing methods. Building or adapting any pricing model in-house requires already scarce engineering resources and lengthy development cycles. As a result, businesses that don’t leverage external SaaS pricing capabilities end up with outdated pricing models that block growth.

Stigg’s API and SDKs ensure companies never need to deal with pricing in their codebase again. The product’s integration provides the infrastructure to safely launch any pricing model and easily roll out pricing changes end-to-end, without additional developer resources. Users can add new plans, introduce full trial flows, create everything self-service buying has to offer, and build any type of pricing model, from usage-based, to flat fee, or hybrid models.

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Building and launching pricing plans with Stigg’s no-code product only takes a few minutes, and it connects all the important pricing knobs (application UI, BE services, billing and CRM providers, pricing page and paywalls, provisioning, access control, and data pipelines) to offer companies a seamless way to build and update any pricing model.

“We’ve talked to hundreds of B2B SaaS companies, and while everybody sees pricing as the most effective way to grow their business, they all deal with the frustration of missed growth opportunities due to inflexible pricing infrastructures,” says Dor Sasson, Co-founder and CEO of Stigg. “Our mission is to remove those tedious pricing tasks from any company’s list, so they never have to deal with requests from product or growth teams and give them the ability to do it themselves.”

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