Sterling, a Global Leader in Background Screening Services, Launches ‘Sterling Identity’

Sterling Identity

Releases New, Selfie-Based B2B Service ‘VerifyID’ Combats Identity Fraud

Sterling, a leading provider of background and identity services, today announced the launch of Sterling Identity, a business unit focused on identity and biometric solutions. SI’s new solution, VerifyID — a powerful and flexible identity verification solution for businesses, is now available to gig economy customers via API and will soon be available to all Sterling customers.

“Sterling Identity was formed to bring our innovative identity and biometric services to market. With VerifyID, the identity verification process has been significantly improved for businesses and their job candidates,” said Josh Peirez, CEO, Sterling. “We expect many companies will be adding identity verification to their background check programs in the near future,” added Peirez.

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Identity verifications performed by VerifyID—which uses human expertise coupled with AI-enabled comparison methodologies to increase accuracy and minimize data entry errors—are completed as a candidate’s selfie is uploaded and compared to a photograph of their driver’s license or other government-issued identification. With tens of millions of selfies taken and uploaded with apps every day, this is an easy, familiar process for most candidates, and the entire verification takes place in just seconds.

“For businesses, VerifyID makes the identity verification process fast, convenient, and mobile, which improves candidate experience, increases hiring speed, and ultimately provides a foundation of trust and safety,” said Peirez. “Sterling Identity is committed to delivering advanced, technology-enabled services in the fight against identity fraud, which continues to be an ever-growing problem for businesses.”

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