Stardog Announces the Launch of Caden, the Open Data Platform

Stardog Announces the Launch of Caden_ the Open Data Platform-01

Stardog, the leading Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG) platform provider, today announced that Caden, the first Open Data platform, has selected Stardog to provide unique semantic and data virtualization capabilities for its suite of products.

Caden’s platform will provide users with ownership and control over their personal data to ensure the ethical and effective use of it by brands that seek to serve them. Users will manage their data within Caden’s Data Vault™, providing individuals with the ability to control access and monetize their personal data with trusted companies of their choosing. With explicit user consent, brands can then leverage this unique intelligence to power recommendations, communications, promotions, advertisements, and insights that unlock meaningful value to the user. Stardog will underpin Caden’s platform with its unique technology to organize disconnected data sets into comprehensive knowledge graphs, ultimately providing a deeper level of context to the data it connects.

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“Stardog’s ability to help us consume data sets from a disparate set of data silos while applying multiple inference schemas and models is critical to making sense of such a grand scale of data,” said John Roa, CEO of Caden. “Leveraging Stardog, we can literally connect the dots amongst billions of disconnected data sets to empower consumers to take control of their data while providing new insights to brands that will revolutionize one-to-one marketing and communications.”

Caden’s vision is to transform the digital economy through a two-sided data marketplace that centralizes and connects personal data to the benefit of both brands and consumers. The company’s core products include HotLink—the “Plaid” of personal data, helping consumers access their data stuck inside large consumer brands—and Vault—an encrypted, on-device personal data wallet. Trusted brands can then request access to insights inside of a user’s Vault via a Consent API, creating the first true marketplace for zero-party data.

“At Stardog, our mission is to integrate data in a complex world to improve the lives of people and the effectiveness of organizations. Caden’s mission to unite data from across the internet in a way that provides value to both consumers and brands is highly aligned with our mission,” said Stardog CEO and Founder Kendall Clark. “We’re looking forward to helping Caden turn disparate data into actionable knowledge at scale.”

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