Star2Star Releases Star2Star® Business Voice for Microsoft Teams

Star2Star Releases Star2Star® Business Voice for Microsoft Teams

Star2Star, a global leader in award-winning, quality communications, collaboration, and integration solutions for the enterprise, today announced the release of their Star2Star® Business Voice for Microsoft Teams solution.

Star2Star® Business Voice for Microsoft Teams is a powerful integration between Star2Star’s cloud-native Business Voice and the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform.

It allows users to optimize productivity with seamless calling from within the Microsoft Teams application via Star2Star’s cloud-based, direct routing integration. Features and benefits of Star2Star® Business Voice for Microsoft Teams include:

  • Make and receive calls using Microsoft Teams Softphone Via Mobile & Desktop Clients
  • Call Extensions & PSTN Numbers Using Teams Dialpad
  • Receive Calls From PSTN
  • Use all call handling features available in the Star2Star platform
  • Click To Dial From Microsoft Apps For Team Users
  • Supports Speed Dials, Contacts & Call History
  • Available on Business Voice & Business Voice+

Star2Star® Business Voice for Microsoft Teams can be leveraged on any PC, Mac, or mobile device and is included with Star2Star’s Professional Bundle for Microsoft Teams. This comprehensive bundle provides enterprise voice services plus:

  • Business Text Messaging: Seamless, single-number text messaging via desktop or mobile devices, using your business number
  • Employee Alerts: Packaged application that enables instant communications with employees via SMS and email

Designed to ensure businesses have everything they need for effortless communications, the Professional Bundle for Microsoft Teams allows companies to maximize their investment with Microsoft Teams.

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“We are excited to debut this integration for Microsoft Teams users,” said Michelle Accardi, President and Chief Revenue Officer at Star2Star. “Our goal is to always find new ways to support businesses in need of enterprise-grade voice, and with Star2Star® Business Voice for Microsoft Teams, our customers can capitalize on their existing investments while leveraging a more complete suite of communications and collaboration tools.”

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