We face challenging times and the threat of a dangerous virus. For its part, SRA has experience in times such as these, having helped hundreds of banks effectively navigate the 2008 financial crisis and other significant risk events.

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In learning from the past, SRA is helping its clients apply best practices to ultimately answer the same question: How can my bank improve risk transparency and resilience during this Pandemic Crisis?

To help answer this question, SRA has launched a Pandemic Risk Management Service to aid its clients in managing the impact of this crisis on their financial institution.

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The foundation of this Service is a Pandemic Risk Management Platform to organize the bank’s key risk information, changing risk profile and response. This information is vital to the bank’s resiliency and is critical for the board, shareholders and regulators to evaluate bank health. This Pandemic Risk Management platform augments SRA’s innovative SRA Watchtower solution and provides:

  • A central risk management intelligence dashboard improving critical risk response activities and timelines for remote teams;
  • A set of Benchmark pandemic key risk indicators to more effectively manage enterprise-wide risk across multiple business silos;
  • Real-time alerts and management of risk response activities improving overall response efficiency;
  • Real-time collaboration support, enabling risk management collaboration across the enterprise; and
  • A single source of current risk management data; stored in and accessed through a secure Cloud-Based SaaS Dashboard.