Squirrel AI Learning Attends the Web Summit to Talk About the Application and Breakthrough of Artificial Intelligence in the Field of Education

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Squirrel AI Learning Attends the Web Summit to Talk About the Application and Breakthrough of Artificial Intelligence in the Field of Education

Web Summit, a global internet-based summit dubbed by Forbes as “The Best Technology Conference in the World”, was grandly held in Lisbon, Portugal recently. As the most important technology feast in Europe this year, the Web Summit has previously been praised as “The Birthplace of the Future” by The Atlantic and evaluated as “The Grand Closed-door Conference of Senior Pastors in the Technology Industry” by the New York Times.

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Squirrel AI Learning is not only a global leader in artificial intelligence education enterprises but also the only Chinese high-tech education enterprise that is invited to participate in this event. Derek Li, Founder and Chief Educational Technology Scientist of Squirrel AI Learning gathered in the same hall with Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister, Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, Ping Guo, Vice Chairman and Rotating Chairman of Huawei, Marc Raibert, Founder and CEO of Boston Dynamics and other big names, which brought brilliant sharing and demonstration to everyone.

With a long history, Web Summit has been held once a year since 2009. After ten years of development, it has become a world-renowned and large-scale technology event, and the 2019 Summit has attracted attention from all walks of life. The event not only brought together more than 70,000 leaders of technology enterprises, founders of start-ups and policymakers from more than 160 countries but also invited more than 2,600 media from all over the world to attend the summit, which has a powerful influence in the world.

Gathering of Big Names to Discuss the Changes Brought by the Latest Technology

Although the concept of artificial intelligence is hot, the specific empowerment of artificial intelligence in all walks of life cannot be accomplished at one stroke. At the “Davos Forum of Tech-geeks”, many guests shared wonderful perspectives and expressed their opinions around transportation technology, artificial intelligence, financial technology, earth technology, future technology, wearable devices, big data, front-end design, content creation, fashion and music industry technology, and other fields.

Ping Guo, Vice Chairman and Rotating CEO of Huawei, explained the golden opportunities that 5G may bring to the development of all from the perspective of 5G technology. Ping Guo said that “5G + X” will bring an “Age of Wisdom where X can be artificial intelligence, big data, augmented reality, virtual reality, and other technologies.” He also predicted that about sixty 5G commercial networks will be put into use by the end of this year, and the 5G era will come earlier than we expected.

Marc Raibert, Founder and CEO of Boston Dynamics, showed everyone the first commercial intelligent robot dog, Spot, which is a four-legged mobile intelligent robot that can identify the environment, avoid obstacles, and perform complex tasks such as exploration, patrol, and logistics transportation.

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With the development of AI technology, many industries around the world are facing new changes. Education is the foundation of the nation, and how technology empowers the traditional education industry has always been paid much attention. On the day of the summit, Derek Li, Founder and Chief Educational Technology Scientist of Squirrel AI Learning delivered a wonderful speech, which brought the whole event to a climax.

As the first company in China that developed an artificial intelligence self-adaptive learning engine with complete independent intellectual property rights and advanced algorithms as the core, Squirrel AI Learning has used a variety of AI technologies, such as evolutionary algorithms, neural network technology, machine learning, graph theory, and Bayesian networks, to recommend personalized learning solutions to students in the past few years of practice. The further in-depth application of technology and the real-time improvement and update of products are closely related to the education status and future of hundreds of millions of students. Derek Li, its Founder, and Chief Educational Technology Scientist, first introduced everyone the overall architecture of Squirrel AI Learning at the summit.

Squirrel AI Learning intelligent adaptive learning system provides a student-centered intelligent and personalized education, which applies artificial intelligence technology in the instructional process of teaching, learning, assessment, testing, and training, to achieve the purpose of surpassing the real person teaching on the basis of simulating excellent teachers.

Squirrel AI Learning uses more than ten algorithms, deep learning, and other technologies. It has an MCM ability training system (Model of Thinking, Capacity, and Methodology), cause-of-mistakes knowledge map reconstruction, nanoscale knowledge point decomposition, association probability of non-associated knowledge points, MIBA and other global first AI application technologies. It can accurately give the most suitable learning path for each child, drive learning with interest and encouragement, and improve learning efficiency. In addition, Squirrel AI Learning adopts the mode of artificial intelligence + real human teachers to effectively solve the problems of high-class cost, few famous teacher resources and low learning efficiency of traditional education, so as to promote education equality.

Later, Derek Li shared three real stories to everyone, which made the audience more directly feel the achievements of Squirrel AI Learning in the instructional practice of teaching students according to their aptitude and promoting educational equality.

The first story is the daughter of Derek Li’s driver, who only scored 25 points through various other types of tutoring. After receiving the Squirrel AI’s adaptive learning engine’s instruction and learning, she was able to be admitted to the best school within her own ability – the best Boeing aircraft maintenance major in vocational high school. It is just because of the personalization and pertinence of AI teachers that the fate of a so-called “Poor Student” in a traditional education has been changed.

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The second story is Derek Li’s own two twin boys, who are excellent students since childhood, but after using the MCM system, their overall personal skills have been greatly improved. “Education is not about the learning of knowledge points and test scores, quality education should be that after you have forgotten all the knowledge, your ability allows you to face any problems in your life,” Derek Li concluded. This year, his eldest son in the second grade of primary school has been able to make a speech to 2,500 audiences without any stage fright. This is the success of MCM, which enables the students with outstanding achievements to obtain a great improvement in their overall quality in addition to exam-oriented education.

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