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Springbrook Software Selects Tableau to Deliver Advanced Cloud-Based Financial Data Sharing, Visualization and Reporting Tools to Local Governments

By ET Bureau - August 20, 2020 2 Mins Read

Springbrook Software Selects Tableau to Deliver Advanced Cloud-Based Financial Data Sharing_ Visualization and Reporting Tools to Local Governments

Springbrook Software, local government’s leading cloud-based financial platform, will be making Tableau’s industry leading suite of government specific visualization and reporting tools available to all current and future Springbrook Cloud customers. These tools enable fast, customized, easy to develop and interpret visualizations supporting virtually any local government data reporting need.

Tableau’s software will provide Springbrook’s cloud community with a host of important advantages that collectively deliver a comprehensive interactive view of programs, budgets and high-level trends across the entire Agency. Local governments of all sizes will be able to eliminate data silos and static reporting and have access to rich data to foster regulatory compliance, reduce financial risk and improve transparency and accountability across the entire organization.

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“Springbrook is investing in vital technologies that our community of customers’ needs to manage heightened demands in a dynamic and rapidly changing work environment. We have a 30-year history of innovation and are focused on providing additional tools to work more quickly and effectively in a cost sensitive environment, leveraging the power of advanced cloud computing. Many of our customers have already stepped up to the Springbrook Cloud, and will be able to take full advantage of this new technology. We’re all in this together and Springbrook is fully committed to the success of our family of customers,” says Robert Bonavito, CEO, Springbrook Software.

Key benefits of Springbrook/Tableau cloud based financial platform reporting:

Ease of use: Users can be up and running quickly, with a dashboard that all members of an Agency can use with minimal training.

Transparency: Tableau enables the industry’s highest standard of data sharing to inform better decisions and disseminate data rapidly to elected officials, department heads, and other stakeholders. Tableau eliminates the need to redraft and edit endless spreadsheets. Tableau effectively expands the ways in which Agencies communicate with and inform citizens about city policy outcomes.

Visualization: Data that is hard to understand is similarly hard to explain to others. Tableau is the industry leader in data visualization to help decision-makers and operations professionals better run their organizations. The explanatory power of Tableau visuals drastically reduces the need for check-in meetings, progress reports and daily status updates that sap efficiency and time.


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