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Spire Global Uses High Performance Computing from R Systems to Predict Global Weather

By ET Bureau - September 11, 2020 2 Mins Read

Spire Global Uses High Performance Computing from R Systems to Predict Global Weather

R Systems announced today it has been providing powerful high performance computing (HPC) solutions to help Spire Global, an industry leader in space-to-cloud analytics, exploit the unique data sets from its satellite constellation, one of the largest in the world. Spire uses R Systems HPC Managed Services to remotely run advanced numerical weather predictions initialized with the radio occultation data collected by their satellites. This unique data set allows Spire to deliver high-quality weather prediction services to its customers in maritime, aviation, agriculture, and other weather-sensitive markets.

R Systems provides a fully managed end-to-end HPC solution encompassing all of the needed computing equipment, software infrastructure, and HPC support personnel to accelerate Spire’s computing workloads. By leveraging R Systems HPC services, Spire can focus solely on helping its customers manage their weather risks without the complexities of designing, managing, and maintaining HPC infrastructure and staff.

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“The important work that Spire is doing represents our belief that as R Systems makes powerful computing resources more broadly available, we can help innovative companies do amazing things,” said Brian Kucic, Co-Founder of R Systems. “The R Systems business model was created for innovative companies like Spire, where we can provide fully supported, and customized high performance computing solutions to help them innovate more, faster.”

Spire designs, develops, builds and tests all of its space technology and predictive analytics in house. The satellites are then placed in low Earth orbit where Spire operates them and regularly upgrades them with new software, just as they do with their science and analytics software on the ground. The sophistication and flexibility of these modern satellites allows Spire to achieve unprecedented coverage and resolution with its services at a compelling price point for the customer.

R Systems HPC Managed Services have allowed Spire Global to grow rapidly and respond quickly to emerging customer requirements. “By using R Systems, we were able to avoid making a large up-front investment in a fixed-sized HPC system that we would not have been able to fully utilize due to our ‘bursty’ usage patterns. In addition, R Systems was able to customize its contracts to match the organic growth of a global startup. This in turn has allowed us to spend more time on maximizing customer benefit from our solutions. ” said Thomas Henderson, Senior Director, Software Engineering, Spire Global, Inc.


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